3 Most popular festivals of Ukraine

Ukraine is the country which not only consists of tourists destination places but also celebrates festivals which had attracted more than thousands of people from all the corners of the world because of its variant culture and interesting ancient traditions. Starting from extraordinary sports, short films by native youths, different genres of music to varieties of dance, you will drown yourself with such highly organized events that is found in the festivals of this country. Well that’s not the end, as there are also many musical events where many local as well as international singers give their starring performances along with the Grand Parades. What the most interesting thing about these festives is that it takes place in the time when the season is not so cool and not so hot. Let’s explore what are most famous festivals of this country that had gained world wide recognition attracting millions and millions of people.

Leopolis Jazz Fest (June-July)

As the name suggests, it’s one of the biggest Jazz festivals in the whole Europe which has gained iinternational recognition and is held in June every year. This grand festive is celebrated in Lviv city of Ukraine. It was first held in the year 2011 and had been continuing till date. According to the present year, this will be held from June 27 and continuing till July 1. This festive vibes have travelled beyond the boundaries of the country, thus attracting thousands of viewers from all the different parts of the world. The other name that was given to this jazz festival was “Alpha Jazz Festival” , until 2017. After that the organization committee changed this festival name to “Leopolis”. Native musicians give three stage performances where two of the stage performances are free for the views whereas the other one is charged. Well, this is not the end as numerous workshops, meeting with jaaz performers and tempting concerts are also there.

Let’s have a look towards its history which claims a lot of things about this festival. This festival has a record of performances performed by 170 great and talented musicians who have came from 16 different countries and the celebration continued for around 5 days. Jazz musicians from countries like Great Britain, France, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Luxembourg, Turkey, US and Luxembourg. It was first held in June 3 and continued till June 5, in the year 2011. Since then, the event gradually got more organized and more dazzling each year hence as a result, the number of viewers, participants and locals people grew in number.

This awesome music festival is conducted on three stages: a) the most important and joyful part of the festival takes place in “Bogdan Khmelnytskyi Culture Park” and it is that stage performance which requires tickets for entry. In this event people will hear exciting and full of entertainment jazz music, b) the second stage performances Market Square which is the center square of the the Lviv and it is of free entry and lastly c) a stage performance which is held at Pototski Palace square, one of the beautiful historic places of the city.

Kiev Summer Music Festival (September-October)

This festival is also known as “Kyiv Music Fest”, is one of the most famous International Music Fest which gained world wide recognition that is held in Kyiv, Ukraine every year. The main motto of this festive is to bring people together through the music. This festive consists of so many stunning events that the tickets get sold out a month before the event. The festive mainly consists of open air concerts that will go on from late of month September to middle of month of October at various places of the country. One of the main venue for the celebration is Central Park of Culture and Resort. The music genres vary from classic traditional songs to modern jazz and pop.

Going back to the history, it was first held in the year 1990. The most famous Ukrainian composer back then, Ivan Karabyts started and organized this as a music event from the year 1990 till the year 2001. Following years upto 2005, it was organized by one of the greatest music director Myroslav Skoryk and then it was organized by Ivan Nebesny since the year 2006 and continuing till now. This festive is always celebrated in places which have ancient historic glory as well as architecturally fine and elegant. Some of the main venues of this festival are Great and Small Halls of the Kiev Conservatory, Kyiv House of Scientists which is of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Organ and Chamber Music Hall of Ukraine, Lysenko Column Hall of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine and lastly and most important National Opera of Ukraine.

This year, the musicians from different countries will perform on different locations of the city, giving many music performances of distinguished genres. This is a way wjere people can get to know about the traditional essence through the songs and exchange their interests with the indigenous habitants over there. We haven’t come to an end yet as this 3 day celebrated music fest gives opportunities to the participants as well as the viewers to attend a lot more things, than just the music concerts, such as master classes, round table conference, interesting lectures and panel discussions. Great speakers around the world as well as in Ukraine will deliver worth knowing and knowledgable speeches. So people, if you want to have some dancing and music to cheer up your busy life and also want to gain knowledge, then you must attend this festive at least once in your lifetime.

Santa Muerte Carnival (19-21 July)

Here comes another one of the most dazzling and brightest festival of this country which usually takes place during the time of summer. This festive is nothing other than Santa Muerte carnival. Well, it is celebrated at Art-zavod Platforma which is also located in Kyiv. You will see gatherings of millions and millions of tourists every year for this festival and why not as this festive contains very colourful and eye catchy costumes that the participants wear. This culture is mainly followed in Mexico and Southwestern United States but if you are there in Ukraine, then sit back and relax, because to you don’t have to fly all the way to US to attend this festival as Ukraine celebrates it in a grand way. There would be various delicious mexican food stalls, long parades and yes according to the proverb “early bird catches all worms” , similarly to this, you also need to book tickets as soon as possible because the for this amazing and vibrant festival, the tickets gets sold out before hand.

History says that, “Santa Muerte” was a female Mexican goddess or can be thought of as American-Mexican folk Catholicism. As an incarnation of death, she is known to cure illness, protection, assuage and secure journey of her devotees to afterlife. Other names that are given to the goddess are White Lady, Lady of Shadows, Black Lady, Bony Lady, Mictecacihuatl (“Lady of the Dead”) and Lady of Night. The main aim to celebrate this festival is to fight against witchcraft, violent death, gun violence and assaults. Not only this, celebration of this festive makes people achieve the strength, powers, good fortune and health, wisdom, prosperity, love and safe journey.

There will be enormous number of music celebration, mexican food, drinks and dancing and much more. So come visit Ukraine, and let yourself enjoy this beautiful and ferocious festival you have ever seen in your life.

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List of other major festivals

  • January-
    • 7 January: Orthodox Christmas
    • 13 January: Old New Year’s Eve
    • 18–19 January: Epiphany
  • February-
    • 14-17 February: Lviv Chocolate Festival
  • March-
    • 20-24 March: Lviv Art Days
  • April-
    • 1 April: Carnival Humorina
    • 28 April: (After two weeks of Catholic Easter)Orthodox Easter
  • May-
    • 1-5 May: Pysanka Festival
    • 3-5 May: Craft Beer & Vinyl Music Festival
    • 4 May: Lviv City Day
    • 10-12 May: Weathervanes of Lviv Music Festival
    • 16 May- 9 June: 39th Virtuosos Musical Art Festival
    • 26 May: Kyiv Day
  • June-
    • 1-9 June: Virtuosos Musical Art Festival
    • 21-23 June: “People and Puppets” International Theatre Festival
    • 31 May-2 June: Leopolis Grand Prix Festival
    • 26-30 June: Leopolis Jazz Fest
  • July-
    • 7 July: Ivan Kupala
    • 12-14 July: “Night in Lviv. Light Creation” Festival
    • 15-20 July: Organ Festival
    • 27-28 July: “So Green Fest” Vegetarian Street Food Festival
    • 14-16 July: Taras Bulba Festival
    • 12-20 July: Odesa Film Festival
  • August-
    • 3 August: Bandershtat
    • 16-18 August: Zakhidfest
    • 20-25 August: Sorochynsky Yarmarok
    • 16-19 August: Koktebel Jazz
    • 9-12 August: International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival
    • 21-25 August: Etnovyr International Folklore Festival
  • September-
    • 10 September: Gogolfest
    • 12-15 September: Lviv Coffee Festival
    • 28 September- 6 October: “Golden Lion” Theatre Festival
  • October-
    • Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist
    • 11-14 October: Lviv Chocolate Festival
    • 4-20 October: 25th Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival
  • November-
    • 21-24 November: Ukrainian Film Days
  • December-
    • 25 December: Catholic Christmas
    • JazzBezFestival