4 Reasons To Visit Seattle

Seattle is the home of many famous things, such as Starbucks, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Amazon, Nintendo, and Minecraft. Aside from these, this city also boasts its natural resources, numerous attractions, and restaurants. The city is also called the emerald city because of the amount of pure natural beauty present. It is the city to go to in the Pacific Northwest due to the number of things happening and can happen in it. Accommodations are another unique trait of Seattle. There are plenty of hotels and apartments for rent in Seattle, WA. The views and sights of this city are already a good enough reason for you to visit it. But here are four more reasons why you should take a trip to Seattle.


There are several attractions, parks, and museums in the city. The Seattle Center is an open space where numerous attractions reside, namely, Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Museum of Pop Culture, Pacific Science Center, and many more.  Visiting the center can help you access these attractions. The Space Needle is a futuristic observation deck wherein you can sightsee the beauty of Seattle. Moreover, Chihuly Garden and Glass is a special exhibit with alluring artworks by Dale Chihuly. The Museum of Pop Culture will be ideal if you are interested in modern entertainment and pop culture. It displays a diverse collection of memorabilia and props from notable movies, series, and celebrities. 

Beaches are also prevalent in the city. Alki beach is one of the famous beaches in Seattle. Many tourists and residents go here to chill and relax as they watch cruise ships pass. Restaurants and bars are also along the shoreline, which you can enjoy to the fullest while indulging in the beautiful view. 


The cuisine in the city is as diverse as the people. There are many restaurants, bars, and cafes along the Seattle Center, Pike Place Market, and Pioneer Square. Piroshky Piroshky is an established Polish bakery and cafe right in front of Pike Place Market. Another cafe in Pike Place is the Cafe Campagne. It is a French-influenced brasserie; they are known for its creative and innovative drinks. The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture is not only a great museum but also has a notable restaurant in it, the Off the Rez Cafe. They serve Native American fusion food such as tacos and bread. If you are craving Japanese cuisine, then you could head to Kamonegi. This restaurant serves both traditional and modern innovative Japanese dishes, led by renowned chef Mutsuko Soma.

Shopping Areas

Seattle has a lot of market centers and districts. As mentioned previously, Pike Place Market is the place to go if you wish to shop for food or clothes or simply wander around. It is one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the country and has evolved into a great shopping area. Items sold here vary from antiques and artwork to food and live produce. You will not get bored when wandering around here as buskers and other entertainers are prominent in this marketplace. If you want something more luxurious, head to Pacific Place. It is found in downtown Seattle and is known for selling popular fashion brands and stores.

Outdoor Activities

With Seattle’s natural landscapes, there are many outdoor recreational activities that can be done. Most of the weather in the city is warm, ranging from 15°C to 23°C. You can go hike, trail, sail, or fish in this type of weather. Events and festivals are also abundant in the city, such as the Seattle Internation Film Festival and Bumbershoot.


Seattle is where most of the buzz in the Pacific Northwest happens. Aside from famous people and companies, this city also offers a plethora of attractions, restaurants, and shopping centers. As a visitor, you would not get bored with the number of activities you would do and places you could go to. You should also bring appropriate clothes and prepare for unexpected rain showers that usually occur in the city. Seattle is called the emerald city not only because of its natural landscape but also because it is a gem of a city.