6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tour Guide

Among the most important logistics you must take care of as you plan your trip is to find and hire a professional tour guide. It is a waste of money for some people to hire a tour guide, but the truth is not.

In fact, when traveling intra-country, hiring the best travel guide becomes non-negotiable. But if you’re not yet convinced, the following are reasons to hire a tour guide:

Cultural Protection and Insight

All destinations have unique cultural traditions. For instance, in countries like Singapore, the citizens shake hands and bow whenever they meet. This is their way of meeting and greeting you. Not doing the same will be rude. In addition to cultural expectations, you need to be conversant with the laws of the destination you want to visit as well.

Great Communication Skills

Besides being engaging and outgoing, tour guides have clear and great communication skills. This is important as it ensures everyone will be aware of the planning as well as what is expected during the day. Great communication skills come in handy, too, when explaining dos & don’ts in sensitive destinations.

Visit a Historic Destination

In a destination that is exceptionally rich in cultural or historical significance, a professional tour guide will offer you knowledge and experience to which no plaque-reading, audio guide, or guidebook can come even close.

The best tour guide can also explain stories behind complex carvings if you’re visiting an Indian temple and veer away from Thomas Jefferson’s canned history to describe what Monticello’s life was like.

Save Time and Money

You don’t need to waste time when planning a travel itinerary since a professional tour guide will handle everything on your behalf. Your tour guide will help you structure your travel itinerary to be more time-efficient, enabling you to visit many places.

Hiring a professional tour guide is also cost-efficient. With a tour guide, you don’t need to figure out routes all by yourself and risk being lost, costing you money. Your tour guide will create a cost-efficient itinerary and suggest which routes would save travel costs.


Mostly, professional tour guides are familiar with the local areas and know the dos as well as don’ts of their environment and society to keep their clients safe. Your tour guide will also ensure you don’t touch poisonous plants/treacherous animals, your things are safe, and you don’t go to dangerous places.

Personalized Tour

A good tour guide can arrange accommodation, save cash, and create a suitable itinerary. The expert will offer tips on what and where to eat, what to avoid, and what to enjoy.

In addition, a tour guide will adjust as well as deliver family-friendly tours to families with kids. Not to mention, a knowledgeable and professional tour guide will emphasize important facts of sightseeing visits, and that can prove invaluable if you have limited time in a particular destination.

Having a professional tour guide by your side will help to augment the whole experience. The expert will not help you navigate food joints and historical/cultural information. Your tour guide will also help you explore unexplored corners and streets.