8 Popular Tourist Attractions in Makassar to Visit

Makassar is the capital city of South Sulawesi Province, located on the southern part of Sulawesi Island and formerly called Ujung Pandang. The fifth-largest city in Indonesia is located between 119º24’17’38” East Longitude and 5º8’6’19” South Latitude. There are many tourist attractions that you must visit in Makassar with various interests. Here are the recommendations:

  1. Girinaga Monastery

Not only a place of worship for Muslims, but Makassar also has a monastery as a place of worship for Buddhists, namely Girinaga Vihara. This monastery was built as high as nine floors and had a height of approximately 30 meters.

The monastery, located on Mount Salahutu road, is also a historic building considering that it has been built for quite a long time. Each floor has complete statues. There is even a statue of Rupang that weighs up to 20 tons.

  1. Makassar Grand Mosque

Religious tourism while worshiping is undoubtedly a fun activity. In addition to getting blessings, you can also see the stunning building design, as is the case when visiting the Makassar Grand Mosque.

This mosque was built with the concept of luxury. The architectural design of the building looks very impressive. Two high towers become a picture of their beauty. Moreover, the decorations and calligraphy that adorn the entire room add to the beauty of this worship place.

  1. Gusung Island

In addition to the many beautiful beaches found in this city, you can also visit one of the attractions in Makassar, namely Gusung Island. To cross and go to this island, you can use the boat that has been provided. The journey to this place itself will take approximately 15 minutes.

Gusung Island was formed due to a pile of sans getting bigger every time and becoming a new tourist spot to visit with your family or friends. This place is also a fun fishing spot, you know.

  1. Lantebung Mangrove Ecotourism

This one tourist destination also includes a hit tour that you must visit while in Makassar City. The presence of mangrove forests combined with colorful 270 m bridges in Lantebung Mangrove Ecotourism presents a beautiful panorama. Especially if you visit this place before sunset. For sightseeing, the manager has equipped it with two small huts to relax.

Lantebung Mangrove Ecotourism presents a natural charm that is very attractive to take pictures. The beauty of a very dense mangrove combined with a rainbow bridge makes tourists interested in visiting it. Ecotourism, which is about 2 km from the sea, certainly presents a perfect blend of natural beauty.

  1. Kayangan Island

Having the name of the Kayangan Island because of the beauty of this one island, because ‘kayangan’ has the meaning of heaven. Kayangan Island is well known and recognized by many tourists, both locals, and foreigners. This place has also been developed and becomes one of the pleasant tourist destinations.

This is proven by the existence of a cafe in the middle of the island. You can imagine how cozy it is when you eat food in the middle of a beautiful island surrounded by blue water. The sound of the waves always sounded like music to our ears, which is also an additional plus point to consider when visiting.

  1. Kapoposang Island

The next place which has a beautiful panorama for you to visit is Kapoposang Island. We are still not moving from the discussion about the island as a tourist attraction in Makassar City. Each island has its advantages and privileges, including this island.

Kapoposang Island has advantages in coral reefs, which are still well-maintained and beautiful. If you are someone who likes diving, then this place is a must for you to visit.

  1. Bantimurung National Park

Bantimurung National Park has a vast landscape. The flora and fauna ecosystem here is still well preserved. There are also several endemic plants and animals that inhabit this place.

When the dry season arrives, many local and foreign researchers are willing to explore several types of butterflies there. This is because several types of butterflies in Bantimurung National Park are new species.

  1. Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque

Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque has a unique design and unlike any other mosque. This can be seen from the mosque’s dome is not round but has steps like a pagoda. The color of the mosque is also dominant red. This is not without reason, but because the Chinese Muslims built a place of worship.

The mosque is an offering of Chinese Muslims to the people of South Sulawesi. The mosque’s name was taken from a Chinese Muslim explorer named Cheng Hoo, who also introduced Islam in the archipelago.

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