Best Things to Do in Utah County: The Right Ideas You Can Enjoy

Utah doesn’t run out of fascinating destinations to explore. For example, you can visit Utah County, 35 minutes south of Salt Lake City. It is one of the most populous counties in Utah.

Provo, its county seat, is the state’s fourth-largest city, with over 666,000 residents. Utah County offers everyone a new world of attractions and exciting activities you won’t expect in this part of the state.

Its cities and towns have plenty of unique attractions for a one-of-a-kind experience, with most involving outdoor activities. Outdoor activities are the most popular things you’ll enjoy when visiting Utah County.

It has gorgeous topography featuring unspoiled natural areas. Here’s a list of the once in a lifetime things to do in utah.

A hiker at Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Timpanogos Cave National Monument is a great place to start your Utah County travel adventure. You can visit this place along Alpine Loop Road in American Fork. Its name was derived from the Paiute Indian word, which means “Reclining Woman” because of its fascinating shape. It was discovered by a local settler Martin Hansen in 1887.

Interior of a cave at Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Meanwhile, another group of explorers discovered the rest of its natural features in the early 1900s. This national monument lets you experience many outdoor activities like hiking, cave tours, and wildlife viewing. You can also explore its vast natural area teeming with wildlife such as mammals, birds, fishes, and reptiles.

Climb Mount Timpanogos

Mount Timpanogos is one of the most famous mountains in Utah. You can climb this mountain by setting up camp at the Timpooneke Campground in American Fork Canyon. This mountain stands at 11,749 feet which is Wasatch Mountains’ second highest summit next to Mount Nebo. It’s highly popular with outdoor enthusiasts mainly for its hiking trails which take them to the mountain summit. There are two trails that hikers traverse to reach this mountain’s summit.

Trail at Mount Timpanogos

One is Aspen Grove Trail, which spans 8.3 miles. Meanwhile, the second trail is the Timpooneke Trail which spans 7.5 miles. While hiking, you can’t help but be amazed by the spectacular natural sceneries and the vibrant flora and fauna along the trails. When you reach Mount Timpanogos’ summit, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the area.

The summit of Mount Timpanogos

The Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life is a beautiful place to learn more about Utah’s prehistoric life. You can visit this excellent museum along N. Thanksgiving Way in Lehi. It’s home to over 60 complete dinosaur skeletons dating back over 65 million years. At the same time, it’s the world’s most extensive display of mounted dinosaurs.

It’s also home to more than 50 hands-on exhibits. It includes the Quarry Dig and Erosion Table, making it an exciting place for interactive historical activities. You and your loved ones can also check out the 150-million-year-old Barosaurus that paleontologists unearthed in this museum. So, remember to include the Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life in your itinerary for a great museum experience.


Thanksgiving Point is probably one of Utah County’s most famous recreational and leisure destinations. You can visit this place along Thanksgiving Way in Lehi. This place is home to dozens of establishments, including a museum, botanical garden, family arcade, shops, and restaurants.