Marbella in Spain: Beauty & Colors All Around The City!

 Marbella is one of those enchanted cities where luxury and experiences full of natural beauty come together to welcome visitors from all over the world. With spring just around the corner, the city gradually fills with more and more colors while the already pleasant temperatures of winter recede, giving way to the most friendly and temperature of the flower season. while the city is flourishing and showing its splendor.

Although normally Marbella is not one of the most populated cities in Spain, the truth is that the very high number of visitors and the demand for these for long stays make the city quite populated on a par with any other cosmopolitan metropolis of other regions.

This of course means that the city is more than used to receiving large numbers of visitors, and therefore has extensive experience when it comes to accommodating all of them well.

Spring is almost here!

Moving around the city is fairly easy, and especially in Marbella the car rental services have at their disposal cars of all kinds of ranges for their most modest or most demanding clients. It is easy to get to it from Malaga airport, which is the closest city being less than an hour away, through Malaga to Marbella transfer services.

Once the issue of transportation is no longer of concern to the visitor, they can focus on enjoying the many activities that the city offers during the spring season. And the fact is that the Costa del Sol is one of those places that stands out from others due to the variety of attractions they offer for all types of clients.

For those who are like to admire the landscapes and do activities in them, Marbella has some of the most recognized golf circuits in the entire region, in addition to the well-known Jardines del Sol, where especially in spring you can see all the natural splendor that the city has to offer.

Strolling through the city offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy not only the beauty of the city, but it is also the perfect opportunity to make some shopping as Marbella is an attractive commercial point for those who enjoy luxury and recognized brands. In addition, it is common even now to find striking fairs with all kinds of articles at much more modern prices. Everything is a matter of walking!

The Costa del Sol is not far behind when it comes to attracting fans of art and gastronomy. Museums and exhibitions, among which the birthplace of the famous Picasso always stand out, are just some of the reasons to visit the city, as well as having some of the most select restaurants with highly reputable chefs where you can taste local delicacies or modern dishes of international cuisine.