Pizza in land of Oz

In Australia, they have both the Italian and American style of Pizza with the latter being a lot more prominent. Australians tend to use a lot of meat in their cooking and pizza is no exception. Their toppings include a large range of meat based foods such as bacon, ham, prawns and chicken. In the high end restaurants that call for a gourmet recipe, they use more pricey ingredients like salmon, prawns, kangaroo meat and even crocodile! Funnily enough, they also use expensive fruits like mango over their pizzas.

Middle Eastern and Indian pizzerias are also a popular franchise in Australia, as a result of a large number of foreign settlers. The Middle Easterners have kebab shops that sell pizzas made in Turkish or Lebanese style.

Pizza in New Zealand keeps evolving as the people don’t shy away from experimenting. They use both traditional ingredients that are mostly cooked in pizzerias like the Pizza Hut and Dominos while also daring to try different out-of-the ordinary recipes. Their Hell Pizza uses an eccentric range of toppings. They bend the rules and go all out!

Pizza in the Latin Americas

Brazil: Brazil has one very fascinating concept that is sure to attract chocolate lovers, Chocolate Pizza! Up until the 1940’s, pizza was confined only to the Italian community in Brazil. The Brazilian pizza still bears similarities with the Italian style, using both thin and thick crust with tomato sauce, cheese, olives and herbs. They don’t necessarily use tomato sauce on their flatbreads, sometimes replacing sauce with tomato slices, giving it a unique taste. Brazil also uses a large array of cheese like parmesan, mozzarella, gorgonzola and provolone. There is also a special variety of cheese which combines five different soft cheeses.

Argentina: Argentina is home to a large number of Italian immigrants. Their Spanish is also largely influenced by the Italian dialect. Argentinean pizza has a very thick crust called “media masa” which is loaded with cheese, much like the double pizza deals crammed with cheese. They use a special dough made with chickpea flour which is then cooked in a wooden oven with wine. Their pizzas are mostly similar to the Italian variety that calls for olive oil, cheese, tomato sauce and herbs. There exists certain variations like the inclusion of ham, longaniza , fugazza, toppings of garlic and onions which sets it apart from other pizzas.

Colombia: In Colombia, the Hawaiian pineapple pizza is very popular with ham.