Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Setting The Sanitation Standard

In an era where many Mexican resorts and hotels are struggling to keep up with the sanitation standards international travelers expect, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers a comprehensive Safe Guest Program to reassure vacationers that it is currently safe to travel. 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club’s Safe Guest Program is the result of a partnership between Royal, British-based Cristal International Standards, and ECOLAB cleaning products that permeates every element of the guest experience. 

For example, all guests are given temperature checks upon arrival to ensure that sick individuals do not infect others. Guests are also kept five feet apart from each other and Royal staff during the check-in process, maintaining appropriate social distancing. Sanitation stations stocked with antibacterial gel are distributed throughout hotel lobbies as well, allowing guests to wash their hands as necessary. Best of all, the front desk is disinfected after every check-in. 

Sanitation is also a top priority once guests reach their room. Every room undergoes a rigorous POSICHECK before the next guest comes in, so there’s no worry about catching a prior occupant’s virus. Sanitation stations and a personal hygiene kit stocked with powerful ECOLAB products are also provided at no additional charge, ensuring that disinfection is available as needed. If a guest has any questions about social distancing protocols, all room TVs can access an information channel with all of the info they might be looking for. 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has also rearranged all public areas to comply with social distancing guidelines. For instance, all pool chairs are now at least five feet apart from one another, allowing guests to lounge without worrying about the health of their neighbors. Public areas like picnic tables are also sanitized after each use for added cleanliness. 

This extends to Royal’s award-winning restaurants, which are operating at reduced capacity to follow international social distancing guidelines. All guests are provided with mandatory sanitation gel upon arrival and departure, and additional sanitation stations are available throughout each meal. Electronic menus are also available via QR codes, so guests don’t need to think about who else may have touched it. Likewise, tables and chairs are cleaned between seatings for maximal peace of mind. Best of all, silverware is provided in sealed wrappers so guests know that nobody touched it except themselves. 

Similarly, all Royal amenities are operating with reduced capacity. Gyms and workout areas are sanitized between uses, and all guests accessing services such as the Kids Club are given a temperature check just to be sure. Spa amenities such as sandals and towels are also presented to guests in sealed packages, ensuring that guests don’t need to worry about their chain of custody. 

When it’s time to checkout, an urn is provided so guests can return their room keys without any phsical contact with a Royal team member. Expedited checkout is also available, reducing front lobby congestion and maintaining proper social distancing. 

Furthermore, all Royal staff have undergone extensive training, ensuring that they are up-to-date on how to effectively utilize ECOLAB products and clean to Cristal’s exacting standards. Team members are also paid to stay home if they are feeling sick, so overzealous employees will never jeopardize a guest’s health.

All of these measures are backed by both internal and external audits, ensuring that Royal Holiday Vacation Club maintains the superlative cleanliness standards its valued guests have come to expect. Readers interested in a well-deserved vacation are encouraged to contact the company directly with any further questions they may have about the hotel’s COVID-19 protocols.