Sensational Things to Do in Denpasar

In this world, beautiful places do exist. However, there are locations where no description can fully express how beguiling the area truly is. Bali is one of the places that fall under that category. It’s the perfect quintessence of what a utopia is. Its unparalleled aura is one that makes your mind tune into perfect bliss from the moment you arrive on the island. The Island is rich with nature, attraction sites, and tremendous weather and people. In fact, the term rich is relatively poor compared to the unimaginable wealth of the beauty and splendor the alluring island possesses. Any photo of Bali that you come across catalyzes a traveling bug in you.

If you’re planning to fly into Bali, you might as well do it in style. It’s in your best interest to fly with an airline that understands air travel, as well as vacationing. There’s no other notable company that has perfected the art of grandeur services than Cathay Pacific. You’ll surely cherish every moment when you fly with them.

Bali’s capital has a lot of attractions that are perfect for family tours. Though not as popular as other cities and regions on the island, you can still find a truckload of adventures. After all, a true advent seeker will always find a way to explore and keep him/herself entertained. In Denpasar, fun is always one thought away; but just in case you find it hard to come up with awesome things to do, check out this line-up. 

When you are on the island, your vacation will always fall under two categories; relaxation or exploration, both of which are rewarding. This list of activities would mostly engage your muscles than it would relax them. 

Shark Island

Opening up the list is a visit to the Shark Island – scary but safe. The island is home to an unquantifiable number of sharks at the conservatory. Watching tourists swim with the shark is always a humorous experience for the local guides. Even though the sharks are harmless, many visitors are still reserved when it comes to swimming with them. There’s also a Tortoise conservancy nearby that offers complimentary tours.


Next to playing with sharks is playing underwater. Somewhere under the cerulean Island waters of Denpasar lies the Atlantis International. Whether you’re a newbie diver or a renowned expert, the world below the ocean here is worth the visit. The PADI certified attraction has an impeccable Five-star rating. The area normally hosts numerous underwater sports such as scuba and free diving and is affiliated with the FFESSM. Expert divers are always available to take tourists through the underwater routes, depending on the visitor’s skill level.

Neka Art Museum

The first out of water attraction in the list would have to be this exceptional museum. Neka Art is a place that tells great stories about Bali through art and culture. The whole idea of the museum was birthed in the mind of collector Suteja Neka. Other artists from Indonesia and Balinese also have their masterpieces displayed here. 

Bali Art Festive

If you want to delve into the Balinese culture, then head over to Taman Wedhi Budaya art Center between the months of June to July. The city of Denpasar normally comes to life with cultural performances that are sure to leave you and your loved ones entertained. The events normally attract scores of people that can sometimes reach up to 6000. Having a first-hand view of locals taking to the stage in dances is truly an unforgettable experience. 

Pasar Badung Market

One of the ways you can learn about the delicacies in any foreign region is through devouring the local cuisines. However, scouting for the meal items while they’re still raw and fresh would give you a behind-the-scenes perspective of what their dishes comprise of. The Badung Market would be the perfect location to get a glimpse of groceries and spices. You’ll also get a chance to buy local accessories, fabrics, and attire, which would be a great reminder when you go back home.

Spa Therapy

When you’ve played, hiked, uncovered, explored, and learned about Denpasar, it would be great to reward your body with a good spa therapy before leaving the Island. Getting a Balinese massage therapy is a treatment that would leave every muscle revitalized and strengthened. Using products and materials which are organic, every stroke from the masseuse would relax your body as well as your soul.