Visiting Barcelona Through VR

Wouldn’t you like visiting the most beautiful places while still being surrounded by four walls of a place you call home? Doesn’t a combination of utter comfort and happiness of wandering; sound wonderful to your ears? Of course, it does. Who wouldn’t enjoy visiting places sitting right in their couch?  

The virtual tour is the simulation of an already existing location, created with a sequence of videos or still images. A virtual tour gives a sense of bliss. It makes you feel you belong to the place, you are in the moment, and you are in an entirely different location while still being in one place. 

Barcelona is a renowned city on the north-eastern coast of Spain. A city renowned for football, a city renowned for being a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of literature since 2015, a city renowned for the enormous opera house Gran Teatre del Liceu, a city having highly impressive architecture and so much more. Barcelona offers an immense number of places to visit and each place has a story to tell and is highly aesthetic. 

Barcelona has places that interest every kind of person. There are places for sports lovers, art enthusiasts, nature lovers, people inclined towards architecture, etc.

  • The Museu Nacional D’art De Catalunya, a museum of Catalan art is a place every art enthusiast should visit. One can easily navigate through the magnificent hallways and experience the inspiring art; be it Romanesque art, gothic art collection, Renaissance and Baroque art collections, etc. The virtual tour of this place gives you instant happiness and fills you with awe.
  • The Camp Nou, almost every sport lover dreams to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. A virtual tour can give one a glimpse of the pitch, the VIP boxes, the bleachers, the official store, the locker rooms, and the FCB museum. 
  • The BASILICA DE LA SAGRADA FAMILIA, how can one forget to mention this breathtaking building? The interior tour of this building is not permissible, but the virtual tour provides a view of the exterior in detail and it’s really like a dream come true.
  • Other places like the Barceloneta Beach, Park Guell are also included in the virtual tour of Barcelona. The virtual tour also takes you to local markets, the residential streets, and gives you a sense of ecstasy and belongingness. In the end, we are left awestruck, elated, and so very euphoric.

The Barcelonian VR tours will provide you peace in the highly stressful situations of today. They act as heroic saviors and help visit the all-time mesmerizing city of Barcelona.