5 Best Beaches in Barbados

Barbados is one of the most famous beach vacation spots in the Carribean. It is originally a part of Britain but it was given independence more than 50 years ago. Many beaches in Barbados have white sands, blue water, and palm trees which make them the perfect location for relaxation. The following the 5 best beach vacation spots in Barbados.

  1. Dover Beach

Dover Beach is a wide beach situated in the south coast of Barbados. The water at this beach usually has no strong current. At least one lifeguard will be on duty to look after the visitors. Along the beach, there are several shops where you can buy food, drinks, snacks, and souvenir. You can often watch free cricket and football games on the beach. This is the beach where you can watch large turtles for free of charge. If you go snorkelling under the water, you will see a lot of small fishes swimming around the rocks.

  1. Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands Beach is a beach with monstrous waves in Christ Church, Barbados. Because it has big waves, a lot of people like to participate in windsurfing and kite surfing courses there. You can rent small boards for windsurfing. There are a lot of undercurrents so you must be careful when you are getting in and out of the water. There are showers, toilets, and restaurants nearby but not on the beach. Under the trees, you can sit down on the beach and eat your food on the picnic table.

  1. Rockley Beach

Rockley Beach, also known as Accra Beach, offers calm water for swimming. Parents can let their children play in the shallow water on the southern end. The crested waves are suitable for older children who want to enjoy boogie boarding. There is a chaise lounge under the sea grape tree where you can sit down and enjoy the scenery. There are also many water sport activities you can enjoy such as Hobie Cat rides and windsurfing. There are kiosks where you can buy jewelery, clothes, and handicraft. 

  1. Brownes Beach

Brownes Beach is a white soft sandy beach that spans from Boatyard to Needham’s Point. There are lifeguards on duty every which makes it a safe place for swimming. You can get a day pass from a nearby beach club which gives you access to beach chairs, toilets, shower rooms, and umbrellas. If you go snorkelling, you can see a lot of sunken ships which have become home to fishes. There are several catamaran cruises available for rent at Carlisle Bay for snorkelling. There is a bit of undertow in the water so small children and seniors should be careful when swimming in the water.

  1. Folkestone Beach

Folkestone Beach is a family-friendly pebble beach housed within the Folkstone Marine Park. The beach has an artificial reef developed from shipwrecks. Snorkelers can explore the inshore reef. Scuba divers can rent a scuba boat to dive underwater. Many people like to go picnic on the sands. Parents can take the children to the aquarium to watch the fishes. Nearby, there is a mermaid café where you can buy ice cream. The park offers a lot of wildlife views and there is a playground for the kids to have fun. There is a zig-zag path that you can follow from Lower Leas Coastal Park to the Folkestone Beach.