Feel and explore one of the most advanced city in the world – Dubai

When planning a trip to Dubai it is common to have some questions about what is the official currency of the country, what documentation is required to travel, where to stay, what to do, etc. But, above all, having the basic concept of travelling in Dubai is crucial. A trip to the United Arab Emirates may be the right choice for those who want to enjoy a little of what a vacation can offer – beaches, water parks, history, nature walks and of course shopping. To explore the beauty of Dubai, you need to hire Bus rentals Dubai service. There are a multitude of possibilities to take advantage of when on holiday in the UAE. Check out the script and find out how to enjoy the best of this exotic country.

Dubai, the urban paradise

A city seized by modernity, Dubai is a worldwide meeting point for those who want to shop in the city’s dozens of malls and designer stores. The city even hosts a specific event, the Dubai Shopping Festival, which runs from December to February, where almost every store offers discounts on at least one of its products. In addition, the city has beautiful urban beaches, and several water parks to cool off from the intense heat that is in the city during the day.

Some of the world’s most unbelievable buildings are there in the city such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, Palm Jumeirah, a palm-shaped artificial island, among many resorts offering all the most luxurious and exclusive in the world, world’s biggest indoor amusement park, the largest indoor ski park, etc. Be sure to meet these, and other extravagances and fantastic works in the city. Hire the Bus rentals Dubai service, and visit all the nearby attraction.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is home to the country’s major oil companies, as well as parliamentary buildings, and headquarters of major communication networks. The capital of the UAE is a city that blends tradition and cosmopolitanism. It is home to the Sheikh Zaid mosque, the largest in the country, but also home to the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Yaks Island. It is also home to Ferrari World, an incredible Ferrari theme park.

When you want to learn more about the Arab culture of the country, visit Sharjah or Ajman, two cities more unaware of the globalized way of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There are several cultural, and historical spaces such as the Ajman Museum and King Fasal Mosque. You can also get to know the classic Arab bazaars such as Blue Souk, of Iranian architecture, and Souk Arshad which still has traces of the traditional bazaars of the United Arab Emirates. Book the Bus rentals Dubai service, and visit all the attractive places.

Restaurant suggestions and night attractions

With the growth of the most important cities, the United Arab Emirates offers more and more dining options from all over the world, to please all palates. Even so, every Arab Emirates travel guide should talk about typical Arabian delights like tabbouleh, lamb stew, famous raw meat kibes, saffron rice and desserts made with milk, rose water and pistachios. Many venues feature belly dance performances. It is noteworthy that the consumption of alcohol is only common in international hotels, because the Muslim religion prohibits alcohol intake.

Tourism in the UAE is also largely motivated by the bustling nightlife of the country. The night stands out in Dubai which is very multicultural, hosting DJs from around the world playing electronic, house and even pop and R&B. A nice ballad to meet is Club Africana which brings a band from Congo, and has thematic atmosphere. There is also the Trilogy nightclub where you can have a cage, and show off on the dance floor. Finally, check out Chi Club, Peppermint, Zinc Bar & Club and Après which is a little further from the city.To enter the UAE you need a visa. But rest assured, it is not a long and boring process to achieve. You can request directly by email.If your ticket was purchased by Emirates Airlines, they do this process for you. Normally, most of the people can speak English well, almost 90 percent. They are helpful, and willing to help tourists.