How to Find the Best Travel Insurance in Singapore with COVID-19 Cover

The coronavirus pandemic confined people to their homes and restricted them from doing fun activities such as travelling. As important as it is to work, it is also necessary to release stress with the help of such activities. For this purpose, you might need travel insurance, which covers various travel risks.

If one thinks of searching for the best travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage in Singapore, here’s how.

What is travel insurance, and how to get the best travel insurance with COVID-19 cover in Singapore?

Travel insurance can be extremely useful if you love to travel. It covers various expenses such as lost luggage, medical expenses, urgent cancellations, stolen luggage, etc. This method can save ample money due to the arrival of unfavourable circumstances. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most travel insurance providers have introduced the COVID-19 coverage scheme to their packages.

There are quite a few ways to find the best travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage in Singapore. The following are some of them:

  • Visit online websites

There are numerous websites on the internet for this purpose. Anybody can easily apply for these schemes after submitting the required documents. All the information is available on the sites, and the help desk is always available for any assistance.

  • Talk to a travel insurance provider

It is always better to seek help physically from somebody regarding an important thing such as insurance. This method will help a person understand the scheme in a better way and will provide complete personal assistance.

  • Take personal consultation

If one has little idea about travel insurance or travel insurance companies in Singapore, they can take personal consultation from friends, family, etc.

  • Keep track of good travel insurance companies

Look for good travel insurance companies in newspaper advertisements, banners, pamphlets, etc. Doing this beforehand will make the job of finding one at the correct time way easier.

Best travel insurance companies in Singapore

Singapore consists of a lot of good travel insurance companies. Some of them are as follows:

  • HL Assurance Travel Insurance

It provides a wide array of affordable travel insurance but have a decent coverage providing a great value. Aside from offering discounts to its plans, it also provides some perks such as no claims discount benefit and protection from a range of travel inconveniences. And, now it provide extra protection for COVID-19 through its enhanced benefits.

  • AIG Travel insurance

This plan is considered one of the country’s best travel insurance plans. It is divided into four categories: basic, standard, enhanced, and supreme. It covers the risks of trip cancellation, medical expenses, quarantine allowance, etc. The second-tier plan (Standard) covers COVID-19 expenses as well. The customers can choose the most suitable plan according to their capability and enjoy a risk-free journey.

  • FWD Travel insurance

This plan is known for offering cheap travel insurance plans, making it a budget-friendly option. Even though it offers cheaper plans, it offers reasonable risk coverage to satisfy its customers. It covers trip cancellation, medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, etc. Also, the plan provides a COVID-19 allowance within 30 days before your departure date. If a person wants to avail of good service at a lower price, they can surely go for the FWD travel insurance plan.

  • Allianz Travel insurance

Allianz’s travel plan covers quite a few risks and is a good travel insurance plan. It has the highest coverage for COVID-19 expenses at $1000000 and covers any costs related to trip cancellation, medical emergencies and expenses, and trip curtailment. If needed, one can even get the facility to advance payments. The plans are also quite budget-friendly and, in return, provide excellent service.

  • NTUC Travel insurance

This plan conveniently covers COVID-19 expenses. It provides excellent offers, especially for circumstances related to COVID-19, but charges a good amount of money. A person with a higher budget can opt for this plan which will make every penny worth the service.

Is travel insurance needed for Singapore? Travel insurance can be needed by anybody irrespective of where they are travelling. Even though the risks can be higher on international trips, one should go for travel insurance even if travelling inside the country. An unfortunate event can occur unexpectedly, which can lead to huge losses. So, to cover the expenses, it is better to go for a travel insurance plan.

If you are staying in Singapore and thinking of visiting a place in your country, you can still avail this plan. Moreover, opting for a domestic travel insurance plan is easier and cheaper than an international one. Although this plan is more useful to frequent travellers, it can be life-saving for others as well. Also, if you are a frequent traveller, you can opt for annual trip insurance.



Travel insurance has become a partial necessity nowadays, considering the sudden nature of mishaps. It covers the most probable risks while travelling and can be very helpful for frequent flyers. Singapore offers a huge range of travel insurance offers; hence one can choose the most suitable one. Also, it is quite easy to avail of this service after properly reviewing the information. For any queries and help, the assistance desk is always available and will cater to the needs of its customer.