4 New Jakarta’s Viral Restaurants in 2022

Who said Jakarta is boring? For culinary lovers, you certainly will not run out of options, since there is always a new restaurant Jakarta that offers the best set of menus. In 2022, we can include several restaurant recommendations in the culinary hunting list for you. At the same time, we are capturing various interesting spots which are unique and different from other places to eat.

4 New Restaurants with Their Own Charms

We have four recommendations of the many new places to eat in Jakarta today. The menu is delicious, the location is attractive, and the area is in a strategic category. Ready to dig in?

  • Cerita

The East Jakarta area has a cafe called Cerita Cafe and Restaurant. The location design is unique. Suitable for hanging out with friends because it has several spots with different nuances. Want to be on the first floor with seats like a beautiful swing and a green view of the surroundings, or more homie on the second floor, which is designed to be more comfortable and quiet?

It is located on Jalan Otto Iskandardinata and is open from 10 am to 10 pm local time. Especially for the weekend, open one hour longer. Regarding the menu, there are various regional specialties in Indonesia to western menus familiar to Indonesian tongues. The menu price ranges from 12,000 IDR and above.

  • Journey Coffee

If you are looking for a restaurant that can also be a place for business meetings after work, then the restaurant in Jalan, KH. Abdullah Syafei can be used as an option. The menu is complete, from local to international tastes, which are presented uniquely. Open from 10 am to 10 pm local time, many people recommend this place to eat. Moreover, the food price is also relatively affordable, namely from 18,000 IDR and above. Exciting spots are also available to be used as photo backgrounds, so it is guaranteed that you will not get bored lingering there.

  • Lucky Cat

Want to hang out 24 hours? The place Lucky Cat provides several options for a comfortable place-to-eat menu. There is a ground floor with a blend of industrial and natural design, then on the second floor with a modern cafe concept.

One thing that makes it crowded is that the coffee menu is quite delicious, and the snacks are also complete. It’s not wrong if you are making a work proposal or want to discuss it with business partners for an unlimited time; just come to the South Parking Plaza Festival in South Jakarta.

  •  Paris Baguette

If you want a thick Parisian feel, you can come and eat food at this restaurant. Many delicious desserts to choose from, and the place is also cozy and suitable for hanging out. You can come directly to Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, South Jakarta, and don’t forget to prepare a minimum budget of 36,000 IDR.

  • Giant Coffee Roastery

During the Indonesia Open 2022, this restaurant was visited by many badminton lovers not only because the menu is unique, especially for snacks and coffee. But also because the price is affordable and the location is very strategic, which is on Jalan Surabaya, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Already decided which restaurant to come to? Check which location is closest to your place. Guaranteed, once you visit it, it will leave a deep impression on your culinary experience.