4 Ways Nature Can Ruin a Camping Trip (And How to Handle Them)

You have been planning that family camping trip all year. When it finally arrives, you head off to your destination with dreams of the most fantastic vacation ever. Unfortunately, those dreams are dashed when nature gets its dander up. By the time you return home, you are seriously thinking about selling your RV.

Before you take such a drastic step, stop and think about all of the good times you’ve had camping with your family. Think about how much you have enjoyed your motorhome, fifth-wheel, or camping trailer. Do you really want to throw it all away because nature threw you some curve balls?

Nature can certainly ruin a camping trip. But there are things you can do to fight back. Below are four ways nature wreaks havoc on campers and ways to handle each of them. Learn how to handle nature and it will never have to ruin another camping trip.

1. Torrential Rains

One of the main reasons for camping is getting out to enjoy nature. But who wants to do that during torrential rain? When the rain comes hard and heavy, most campers duck inside to pass the time playing board games or watching a favorite movie. But if you are not prepared for heavy rains, your trip can still be ruined by wet gear and all that comes with it.

The best way to beat torrential rains is to choose your camping destinations wisely. Stay away from the southeast U.S. during the summer months. That is their rainy season. Everywhere else, make good use of tarps and other solutions to keep your gear dry. If you own a motorhome or trailer, store things inside or underneath.

2. Violent Thunderstorms

Some of the worst camping experiences are those affected by violent thunderstorms. A violent thunderstorm can knock down trees, upend tents, and leave you sleeping in your car. How do you handle them? By adapting your camping style and destination choices.

In terms of camping style, the best way to address violent thunderstorms is to not tent camp. Opt for a camping trailer at bare minimum. A fifth-wheel or motorhome is even better. In terms of your destination choices, the Plains states are good candidates for violent thunderstorms in the spring. Ditto for the southeast during the summer months.

3. Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures can ruin a camping trip even if you prefer staying in a cozy, heated RV. How so? By freezing your RVs plumbing. Frozen plumbing renders your toilet, shower, and sinks worthless. In a worst-case scenario, your pipes would burst. Avoiding this type of thing is as easy as utilizing RV skirting.

AirSkirts is a Connecticut company that manufactures and sells a revolutionary inflatable skirting product. It should do the trick for any motorhome, fifth-wheel, or travel trailer.

4. Lots of Bugs

Every now and again camping trips are ruined by too many bugs. Between horse flies, black flies, mosquitoes and gnats, bugs constantly buzzing around your face can be terribly annoying. What is the solution? A combination of insect repellent and the right clothing.

The most annoying bugs tend to be bothersome in the morning and evening hours. That’s when you wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and a hat. When the bugs subside, you can change your clothes. Just don’t stop using bug repellent.

Experiencing nature is one of the big motivations for camping. But sometimes nature can be annoying, too. If you know how to handle what nature throws at you, it doesn’t have to ruin any more of your camping trips.