8 Outdoor Activities That Make For A Great First Date  

First dates are an opportunity to show someone who you are and, while some individuals are happy to sit in restaurants or head to the movies, an inventive idea can really help a personality to shine. This is why there is a rise in alternative date ideas, with more individuals suggesting exciting new activities for their first meeting.

A great example of this is found in the outdoors community, those who revel in adventures set among natural landscapes. More of these individuals are welcoming others to join them on their excursions as a way to show off both their interests and where they feel most comfortable. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, here are eight great ways you can.

Wild Swimming

Whether you are comfortable heading out to a stunning lake or want to share your favorite cove, wild swimming can be a bold way to share yourself for the first time. Swimmers tend to know how to see great locations at the right time of day, and are often eager for others to experience these environments too.


Some individuals have an unrivaled affection for the strength, perseverance, and verticality of climbing, seeking to conquer local landscapes by summiting them. Welcoming a partner to join such adventures is both a great social activity and a safe one too.


Paddling away from the land and having the open water to yourselves can be the perfect setting for an intimate date. Others, however, might prefer to use their kayaks simply to seek out a private beach for a romantic picnic.


An outdoor activity doesn’t need to be exceptionally active to be enjoyable. In fact, many are simply content to take a stroll, immersing themselves in a natural environment, such as a local woodland. Such walks are a great way to strike up a conversation while sharing a favored landscape and can be surprisingly romantic, even in the rain.


For those who love cycling, the opportunity to share their passion with another is too good to miss. Alongside being able to ride together, and through wonderful locations, an exciting mutual destination can be chosen too, such as a cafe or bar, allowing for a welcome respite at the end.


Whether for exercise or meditation, running is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the US and can be a great way to show off your favorite route while also getting to run alongside and get to know each other.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A grand gesture that is certain to be unforgettable, experiencing a hot air balloon ride is, perhaps, a surprisingly common first date. This experience places individuals high above the land, giving them an amazing experience to share and one that can truly bring people together.


If you’re near the coast, surfing might already be part of your routine. Even if it isn’t, participating in a surf class or simply finding your feet on the water can be a great way to enjoy the sun and bond over crashing waves.