Celebrating a Child’s Birthday on a Yacht in Tenerife – A Fun Company, a Bright Holiday

On a child’s birthday, parents want to make everything so that the child remembers this day forever. But many parents exhaust themselves trying to make it bright and fun, gathering their friends at home for a festive table. It’s hard to implement ideas in an apartment, as not everywhere there is room for active games or contests. The charter company “Rent Boat Tenerife” offers an original way of celebrating – on a yacht.

A boat for a children’s birthday party will leave unforgettable memories for the child and his guests. We offer:

  • A fairy-tale-decorated room;
  • A children’s menu;
  • Professional animators;
  • Musical accompaniment;
  • Costumed performance.

But in addition, on the boat, you will find what no children’s establishment can offer – fresh air, picturesque landscapes, and the splashing of waves, who can remain indifferent or bored? And the presented boats will provide complete comfort for children and their parents during the journey:

  • “Kalima Kat” catamaran, from 110 euros per hour – a small catamaran, incredibly cozy and beautiful. The salon is located on the main deck, accommodating up to 11 guests, where they can relax on leather sofas, sit at sliding tables and sing karaoke.
  • “Freebird One” catamaran, from 1170 euros per hour – a luxury flybridge-class catamaran that can accommodate up to 150 guests at once. The feature of the catamaran is its small draft, allowing it to overcome shallow water. The spacious salon with opening panoramic windows is equipped with the necessary equipment for a fun celebration. In the aft part, there are two covered observation platforms where you can organize a small buffet and a dance floor.
  • “Freebird F13” catamaran, from 785 euros per hour – a new sailing vessel. The team can simultaneously accommodate up to 100 people, depending on the format of the holiday. The sailboat offers to spend a wonderful time in spacious company cabins and enjoy wonderful views, and stylish interiors.

Renting yachts from the Rent Boat Tenerife company implies celebrating a birthday according to a certain scenario. We can assemble a team of sailors or pirates. Children will be offered contests, competitions, active and calm games, as well as master classes on knotting sea knots.

Children simply need a change of impressions, so renting a boat for a children’s birthday is a very profitable option. The walk can be interrupted to disembark on the shore for a picnic, children can be given tasks that they are always very happy about, and returning on board, awards can be given to the bravest and most daring.

Parents can also have fun in the company of children or in a separate room, and they do not have to strain to entertain the team of rascals!