Feeling corporate burnout after two long years? The unforgettable experience your team needs.

There may not be a better time to cruise aboard a luxury sailboat than this summer. Whether you’re a first time boat owner or a nautical aficionado, MV Alfie & Co is here to put you at the helm of the most suitable luxury vessel with confidence. A superyacht may now be purchased or rented to ensure the utmost luxuryand safety. You can expect nothing less than a five-star, walk-on-walk-off service when you pick MV Alfie & Co.

Workplace burnout is real and only grew worse under the exasperating conditions of Covid-19. When it comes to growing businesses, this might not be the appropriate time for employers and business holders to relax their guard. The tension and worry over the previous year that most of us are wary of won’t go away on its own. If we don’t regard mental health and well-being as a top priority, stress and burnout will eventually sabotage the personal lives of your most valued employees. Hence traveling and holidaying on a renowned luxury boat is the most practical and safest alternative one can pursue.

Due to the increased demand for uninterrupted marine experiences, the price of yacht rentals has skyrocketed. We used to receive rental and syndicate enquiries four to five times a month, but since the lockdown abated, we communicate to our clients on a daily basis. While most individuals choose to stay home, others have welcomed the safety of being on a boat as they wish to break from their daily work schedules. MV Alfie & Co provides you with the best charter crew and maintenance services to ensure your only obligation is to relax with your family, friends and colleagues. You can even take the boat out on your own after the completion of your training.

A signature vessel such as the V65 can seat 6-10 persons allowing friends, family and other small groups to have an unforgettable experience. The 65-foot luxury yacht is a world of splendour and provides a fantastic opportunity for syndication or rental. The “Estate Room” comes fully equipped with a Queen bed and ensuite whilst the VIP twin cabin is an ideal place to rest for the lucky visitors. There are no limits on charter vessels. Before you embark, you can personalise your meals, drinks and hand pick your guests and visitor locations.

Aspiring boat renters and owners can expectunrivalled quality, elegance, and performance from MV Alfie & Co. As you step aboard, our crew will take care of your needs thereby helping you fulfil your optimum aquatic excursion. In any case of emergency, we provide you with well trained personnel who are always available to answer your questions. MV Alfie & Co is a specialist in hassle-free boat rentals and syndication, ensuring that all passengers have access to the most opulent vessel tailored to their needs.