Hotels Like Royal Holiday Vacation Club Enhance Safety & Sanitation Standards Amid Covid-19 Concerns

In the past six months, leading hotel brands have announced cleaning programs highlighting new sterilizing and disinfecting procedures. Many hospitality brands are consulting with top medical organizations such as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Some hotels are using robots in cleaning. Most hotel managers are saying that they are cleaning more than ever. Their message is clear: Hotels are very safe and clean.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association has set new cleaning protocols in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC it calls Safe Stay.

Safe Stay

This is an industry-wide initiative focused on enhancing hotel cleaning practices to meet the new health and safety challenges presented by the coronavirus. This initiative has been endorsed by leading physicians, scientists, and public health experts in infectious disease and epidemiology. The Stay Safe checklist includes:

  • Disinfecting procedures
  • Requiring face coverings
  • Choosing contactless options
  • Daily room cleaning

Safety of Guests & Employees

The top priority of most hotels amid the coronavirus is the health and safety of guests and employees. As the economy reopens and people start to travel, they want to be assured that they will be safe during their hotel stay. The leading hospitality chains have gone to great lengths to make sure that guests will have a safe and comfortable stay. 

Safety Plan

Hotels are developing safety plans. In some jurisdictions, this is a prerequisite for reopening. The plan needs to lay down the measures that have been put in place. Top brands are involving sanitation experts during the planning phase. 

Contactless Options

 The coronavirus is spread through close contact. Therefore, leading hotels are adopting contactless options. Contactless room service delivery has been implemented in some facilities. 

Guests are being encouraged to book online and to check-in using the app. Cash payments are no longer being accepted because they can be the conduit for the spread of the virus.

Hand greetings are discouraged in favor of other greeting options such as waving. 

Face Coverings

Coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets. Thus, wearing a face mask curbs the spread of the virus.

Hotels now require all guests to wear a face mask. Without a mask, there will be no admission. Employees must also be masked at all times.

Disinfection Procedures

Hotels are adopting thorough cleaning and disinfection procedures to keep guests safe. Some surfaces require cleaning while others require disinfection. Things that get touched a lot such as light switches, doorknobs, and faucet handles need to be disinfected. 

Hospitality facilities have developed policies for cleaning and disinfecting after there has been a suspected Covid-19 case. The proper measures will contain the virus and help to keep employees and guests safe.

Hotels are Increasing Deep Cleaning Efforts

In the face of the coronavirus, hotels are undertaking rigorous deep cleaning protocols to help mitigate risks. Deep cleaning efforts are focused on guest rooms, fitness centers, restaurants, meeting spaces, and other public areas. 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is a Leader in the Travel Industry in Establishing Strict Health and Safety Guidelines

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has a long-standing tradition of emphasizing cleanliness in guest rooms and the public places of their facility. Because of Covid-19 concerns, the company has adopted next-level cleaning standards to enhance the safety of guests and employees. There has been the rollout of hospital-grade disinfection and electronic sprayers.

Through the scientific advice of experts, Royal Holiday Vacation Club is setting a higher bar of cleanliness. They have developed a holistic cleaning approach designed to take care of the safety and health of guests.

Contact Royal Holiday today to learn the measures they have put in place to facilitate the safety of your vacation.