If you are considering visiting Japan, look at these must do list

Are you planning to visit Japan? Sacred Shinto shrines, magnificent Buddhist temples, ancient trade trails, spectacular gardens, cafes with diverse and varied themes, many artistic styles, preserved cultural icons and one of the most fabulous gastronomy. Japan is a true bottomless pit for lovers of wonders. Today we give you reasons to go Visit Japan this winter. This multitude of possibilities comes at a price.

For culture shock

Whatever foreign country you visit, you will always find more or less differences with Quebec, whether in terms of culture, gastronomy or even nature. However, let us say that by going to Japan, the degree of change of scenery is at its maximum, some even speak of culture shock. Everything there looks different; social codes, language and the use of ideogram, the way of dressing, music, etc.

To see what tomorrow will look like

If you want to see what the future will be like, take a trip to Japan. If secular traditions are present in this country, modernity is at the heart of big cities like Tokyo. Robotics, connected objects, gadgets, telephony, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies – the country is at the forefront of the latest innovations.

For gastronomy

Obviously, we visit a country through its monuments and its essential sites, but we should not neglect the gastronomy. We also travel through the dishes and when it comes to Japan, we can indulge ourselves, because we are dealing with one of the finest and most inventive gastronomies in the world.

For cherry blossoms

It all depends on the season in which you will be visiting Japan, but if by chance you are there during the period when the cherry trees are in bloom at the very beginning of spring, you will have quite an experience, as poetic as it is visual. The slightly pinkish white cherry is the most common in the country.

For architecture

It is very difficult not to fall under the spell of Japanese architecture. It sometimes has the face of the exacerbated urban planning of Tokyo and its ultramodern buildings, sometimes that of the ancestral tranquility of the many temples and gardens that you can see in Kyoto. Castles, Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines are all facets of its diversity.

For Tokyo

Just for Tokyo, a huge effervescent capital, you have to visit Japan. It has so many faces and is so culturally rich that some travelers may spend their entire stay there. Shops, restaurants, museums, and parks, temples located between two buildings, thermal springs, private karaoke rooms, and the Ueno district – the list of activities to do is very long.

For the quality of transport

Unlike some countries where traveling can be a real obstacle course, Japan is a traveler’s paradise. The subways are very clean and the high-speed train network is as efficient as it is punctual.

For nature

The least we can say is that nature in Japan is much contrasted. An island country, this volcanic archipelago has many mountains, which also occupy 70% of the territory. Rivers, waterfalls, lakes, marshes and valleys invite us to leave the big Japanese metropolises to dive into the heart of nature.