Learn About Surfboards And The Best Place To Buy Them From, Which Will Be Akewatu

In many countries with several beaches, surfboarding is a very common thing to do. Everyone has seen a surfboard on beaches, in photos, or movies. A surfboard can be described as a plank, narrow in shape which can be used for surfing waves. Surfboards look heavy but they are comparatively light in weight. A correctly made surfboard will be strong enough to provide support to a person standing on it while surfing. Many are unaware that surfboards were invented in Hawaii. Primarily they were made out of local tree wood. The wood of tree Koa was much popular to be used but they used to be heavy.

The passion for surf

The country of Australia hosts many world-class surfing spots. Along all the coasts in Australia, the art of surfing is a very common sight to be displayed. The best place to get old and new surfing boards in Australia is Building and shaping surfboards are considered to be very delicate tasks. As Australia is one of the leaders in surfing and surfboard design, premium quality surfboards are often found in Australia as well as the best shapers.

About Akewatu

Akewatu is an online platform of ambitious surfers and web pros. The platform is solely made for buying and selling surfboards under the domain name- Two surf lovers named Julien and Nico found this amazing platform making surfboards dealing much smoother and honest. The platform of Akewatu is certified to sell surfboards new and old.

The best thing about the old surfboards which go on sale is that they are all thoroughly verified by experts and then a very fair price is fixed on them. The honestly and security of the platform Akewatu provides are remarkable.

The description and features written as content for the surfboards are absolutely true to their feature and condition. All kinds of surfboards can be found at ranging from shortboards, longboards SUP, and many more.

Surfboards in Australia

In Australia surfboarding is considered a part of their lifestyle. Millions of people participate in this fun sport and many even play for international tournaments later on. The people who had developed the surfboard making and design over the years are sure to be found in Australia. From the early 1960’s innovation in the concept and shaping of surfboard design has been put forward by Australians. Giant companies like Quicksilver, Rip Curl, and Billabong has come from Australia and has become leaders in the surf market.

The life saving perspective

Along with both Australian and Californian developments the modern surfboard designs have been shaped. In Australia, the sport of surfing was very closely related to strong movements of ‘surf life saving’. Platforms like akewatu are born out of a pure passion for surfing and the support and encouragement they receive is well-deserved. The life saving instrument which has often helped many is surfboard, which helps in quickly hovering over the waves.


It is not necessary to buy out a brand new surfboard every time someone would want to venture into the world of surf. The platforms like Akewatu are bringing old surfboards in well-condition to easily choose one from the huge options.