New Travel Trends And Favorite Vacation Destination For 2021: Enjoy Safe And Easy Travel With Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Like so many other things, people had had to forego travel for the good part of 2020. Now come 2021, many are hoping for things to revert to a more normal range of activities so that, among other things, they can also quench their thirst for wanderlust. And they have reasons to rejoice, too, as many travel destinations are slowly opening their doors again, albeit with extensive safety protocols in place.

Changing Travel Trends

Although the tourism industry is expected to recover to a good extent in 2021, travel trends experts predict several changing trends regarding how people travel in 2021. For one thing, people will definitely look for lodgings at places that observe strict health and sanitation guidelines, even if it means spending extra bucks by booking at more upscale hotels and resorts. Spa destinations and spa hotels & resorts are also likely to rise in popularity as people become more health-conscious. Experts also maintain that people this year will probably look to explore their own backyard instead of setting out for faraway places. For example, for North American travelers, this means they will be more prone to travel to destinations relatively closer to home, be they within the U.S. or in Mexico and the Caribbean. Finally, many travelers are expected to opt for less-populated and lesser-known destinations to avoid crowds.

However, there is one piece of bad news for the tourism industry: business travel may never go back to what it was before. Now that video technology has proved itself during the pandemic-induced lockdown, business meetings and conferences can be arranged well and efficiently enough via the internet without the necessity to fly for business.

Top Travel Destinations for 2021

According to National Geographic, Mexican travel destinations such as Cancun and Cozumel are likely to be preferred by many North Americans. Cancun and Cozumel are famous for their scenic beach resorts and idyllic seascapes. There are also private beach resorts at both places, which are likely to be preferred by tourists looking to avoid crowds. Back in the U.S., places such as Pueblo Nations, New Mexico, or Tulsa, Oklahoma may be on the top of many travelers’ list, National Geographic travel experts contend. These destinations are preferred because they keep travelers more comfortable in domestic settings. Many Caribbean destinations such as San Juan, Punta Cana, or Oranjestad are also likely to be among the top choices for travelers this year, chiefly for their relatively isolated nature. For the same reason, experts say that many travelers may flock to the Maldives, an already famous beach destination, in 2021.

Safe and Convenient Travel with Royal Holiday Vacation Club

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And when it comes to safe travel, you can rest assured knowing that Royal Holiday Vacation Club has already adopted an extensive Safe Guest Program for all its numerous destinations. To maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness at all its hotels and resorts, the Club has partnered with Cristal International Standards and Ecolab.