Thailand, Your Next Destination For Your International Trip

Travel and tourism is a booming industry, with the development in the transportation facility and the tourist friendly initiatives people are becoming more drawn towards Thailand. This place is a heaven for people who enjoy travelling all across the world. Moreover it has a wide variety of destinations which you can pick from and visit as per your liking.

Recently UNESCO declared 7 destinations in Thailand as natural world heritage sites and after this announcement there has been a significant growth in the travel and tourism industry of Thailand. In today’s article we will look at the list of World Natural Heritage of Thailand (มรดก โลก ทาง ธรรมชาติ ของ ไทย, which is a term in Thai) of Thailand and discover interesting facts about this place.

What Are The Attractive Feature Visitors That Can Avail When Visiting These Seven Natural Heritage Sites In Thailand?

· Breathing In Nature

The hectic lifestyle of the city makes your life difficult; hence visiting a natural heritage site like the Thung Yai Naresuan-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary can help you relax your mind and body from all the stress of your life. It is the largest protected forest area in South Asia that provides shelter to different species of the animal kingdom. Currently it is one of the most popular tourist destinations among the list of top seven natural world heritage sites declared by UNESCO.

· Exploring The Nature

Someone who enjoys the nature often keeps looking for an suitable way of discovering the hidden beauty of the Mother Nature and what could be better than going into wild and taking some time out of your hectic lifestyle, if you are someone who enjoys going on trek and hick Kaeng Krachan Forest Group could be ideal destination for you.

· Capturing Timeless Beauty

Photographers who are related with wildlife photography are often found looking for destinations which give them good pictures. Whether you are a professional or just an enthusiast who enjoys clicking good wildlife pictures you can consider checking out Khlong Saeng-Khao Sok Forest Group. This humid evergreen forest is the house of endangered plants and animals. Moreover it gives you good pictures for your wide life photography as well.

· Reliving The Ancient History

The list of sites that UNESCO has declared as natural heritage sites are a living example of human evolution. These places have seen human civilization evolving from came man to corporate man. The Taruto National Park is a collection of 51 islands and it is one of the most beautiful destinations that is the habitat of different animals.


The recognition of the UNESCO to these natural heritage tourist destinations is a testimony to protect and take care of these e locations and offer it as gift to our upcoming generation. Thus we all should commit towards protecting the exceptional beauty of these e palace and help it preserve its original form. As citizens or travellers it is or responsibility to protect these sites and helps others explore the natural beauty of this destination. The nature will give you back ten times more when you give your one perfect of time and effort towards it.