Best Ninh Binh one day tour with Hanoi Explore Travel

The best way to explore as much of Ninh Binh Tour as possible in a one day

Ninh Binh is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, and most visitors spend three to four days exploring the city. However, few tourists can fit all of the attractions into their schedules. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best one-day plans for exploring Ninh Binh Tour. The itinerary times are approximate and may alter based on when we actually get to each place.

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Day trips to Ninh Binh are packed with exciting activities

Trang Ecotourism Resort Complex

Trang An, one of Ninh Binh’s most popular tourist spots, can be found just seven kilometres west of the city’s core. The Trang An and The Ancient Trang An refer to two separate addresses in the city of Trang An for the Best Ninh Binh one day tour with Hanoi Explore Travel. The wild beauty of The Ancient Trang An is very well-known. One of the most captivating features is the winding route that ascends the mountain.

The Bai Dinh Temple

The Bai Dinh pagoda is another must-see in Ninh Binh, and it is visited by both tourists and locals. As the largest temple in Vietnam, it holds several records, but the building itself is very impressive. It’s easy to get lost in the massive campus because there are so many stunning Buddhist buildings all over the place.

The Tam Grotto (or Tam Coc) and the Bich Cave (or Bich Dong) in Vietnam

The area is often referred to as “Ha Long bay on land” or “Tam Coc.” In addition to Trang An, this is another option for those looking to enjoy a boat ride while in Ninh Binh. “Tam Coc” means “three caves,” which in this context refers to the Ca cave, the Hai cave, and the Ba cave. Many different kinds of grotesque stalactites hang from the cave ceiling. The journey through all three caves takes about two hours.

Mua Sigh

Mua Cave is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking for something that will push your limits to the maximum, as it requires you to climb 486 stone stairs to reach the cave’s entrance. Many people find it calming and hypnotic to stand atop the summit and take in the spectacular views of the Tam Coc region with its vast green fields.

When do you want to eat?

Tong Lap Ninh Binh The preparation of scorched rice and the accompanying sauces are both wonderful. To make it, first cook some rice and then let it sit in hot oil until it turns golden. Before being ground into a powder and mixed with other ingredients, the beef and pig’s heart and kidney are thinly sliced. Then, the ingredients are fried until golden brown and transferred to a bowl.

Meat of the Ninh Binh Goat

One of the must-eats in Ninh Binh is a meal made with goat meat. Because of the variety in cooking techniques employed, each dish—whether it be steamed goat, grilled goat, spring rolls, etc.—has its own unique appeal.

Ninh Binh Vermicelli with Eel (Mien luon) Mrs. Phan’s eel vermicelli is widely regarded as the tastiest version of the dish, and its preparation has been a family tradition for generations. She carefully chooses the eels and vermicelli, then prepares the orders for the customers.

It’s not impossible to see all of Ninh Binh in a day. There are a lot of cool things to check out, but you should probably only visit two or three of them, and that depends on your interests. In fact, if you know how to plan it up, a trip that only lasts a day can be quite enjoyable, if not Contact Hanoi Explore Travel Agency for the lifetime experience.