Sequoia National Park

Things to do at Sequoia National Park

Some millions of tourists visit Sequoia national park every year. The beauty of this national park lies in its majestic trees.

The greenery everywhere and the lovely atmosphere here makes you fall in love with it. Take a walk in this park and you will understand how beautiful it is.

The specialty of this park is, it has the world’s largest tree (as per volume) here. This tree is 275ft tall. You will see so many tourists clicking pictures here.

In fact, you must wait with patience to click pictures of this tree. If you don’t want to wait for a long time, you could plan to arrive here early.

Once you are done watching the giant General Sherman tree, you could plan for hiking if you love it. You can enjoy the most peaceful hiking here.

Enjoy watching the big trees during your hike. Whether you are planning to go hiking here during winter or summer or any other season, it is essential to take your water bottle with you.

Doing this is important, otherwise, you might get dehydrated. To enjoy your hike completely, you need to stay hydrated.

Hiking and Camping

Hiking boots and torch light are the other important things that you must carry with you. Choose the right hiking boots to stay comfortable.

You could also carry some energy bars and other items to eat. Plan for camping at this national park and you will love that experience. The campgrounds in this park have all the facilities like toilets, drinking water, etc.

However, you can enquire from your side about the facilities available at the campgrounds before heading there to avoid any confusion. When you go camping here, enjoy cooking your favorite food outdoors. Food when cooked outside, tastes too good.

Tokopah Falls

Tokopah Falls is something which you must not miss visit here. This waterfall looks breathtakingly beautiful. Tourists can find a four-mile trial here, that takes them to these waterfalls.

Hiking here is usually considered safe for beginner hikers and kids. The water flow will be high here during the summer months as the winter snow melts.

Crystal Cave

Crystal caves are something that you must definitely see here. Most tourists consider the crystal caves as the highlight of this national park. This is a very cool and interesting place.

Crystal Cave

What to carry for your trip?

If you are planning to visit this park during summer, do carry your sunscreen lotion with you.

Otherwise, your skin might get tanned. Do pack your camera and mobile phone charger beforehand.

Carry some snacks and water bottles. Before visiting the park, know its timings, as this helps you in planning your trip better.

It is always a good idea to visit the park in the morning, as you will have enough time to explore the whole park.

There are many more parks like this across the world, especially in the US. To see the natural beauty of the United States, visit the national parks, if possible with your kids.