Traveling in the Coronaverse

About 4 months ago the outbreak of Covid 19 started. As we know much of the world became standstill. The lockdown ceased all the economic activities, shutdown of businesses, confinement to millions of people forcing them to work from home. The most impacted sectors were aviation, hospitality, travel, retail, and manufacturing. Thousands of people lost their jobs, many daily laborers who were migrants lost their livelihood and migrated to their hometown. More than 4 billion people are still in some form of lockdown due to this pandemic.

Today, it seems we are slowly moving towards a gradual removal of lockdown for some sectors of the economy. As now, some countries are lifting the restrictions and restarting their economies, offices, and industries are opening up amid the lockdown. The government is allowing the offices to operate within one-fourth of their capacity. Though the travel behavior and operations will not be the same as they used to be earlier.  This means the ones going to the workplaces have to start taking extra precautionary measures. Instead of public transport citizens should opt for private cabs. A lot of Indian Cab App have discontinued shared rides and encouraged drivers to abide by the best practices by wearing masks, gloves, keeping in car hand sanitizers, and digital payments making it safe for us to book cab online and travel.

The aviation industry is also slowly and steadily reviving and trying to get back on its feet. Planes are flying around the world on limited routes. Passenger flights have started with due regulations and restrictions. People stranded in distant cities and states are now able to book domestic flights and can travel back to their homes. International flights have started but on the selected international routes only by certain countries.

Only time can tell how this crisis will change the way we travel in the coming future. One thing is certain that we must follow strict protocol and abide by the rules and regulations provided by the authorities. Humans are born wanderers and travellers. No adversity can withstand human nature to travel and explore and socialize.

Until then keep moving forward and stay safe. Signing Off!