Wandering The Wonder Of The World: Taj Mahal

As Soon As I Stepped Into Delhi At Around 6 Am, I Called Up A Travel Agency By Having Their Number On One Of The Billboards. They Were So Prompt In Answering The Phone Call That It Didn’t Even Take Them More Than Two Rings To Pick Up. I Told Them That I Am A Traveller And Am Here To Explore The Wonder Of The World, I.E. Taj Mahal In Agra. He Excitedly Asked Me Where I Was Right Now. I Exclaimed That I Was In Front Of Gate Number 1 Of New Delhi, Railway Station.

Without Even Taking A Minute, He Sent Me A Number Of A Taxi Driver Named Vicky, Who Was Very Polite, And He Was My Chauffeur For The Day. He Welcomed Me With A Namaste With Folded Hands And Opened The Gate For Me To Show His Gratitude Towards Me. I Sat In The Car, And He Took Me To The Nearest Hotspot For Some Delicious Breakfast At Chandani Chowk. There I Ate Some Lovely Puri-Aalu, Which Was Just Heavenly To My Taste Buds, And My Mouth Was Full Of Great Taste. The Shopkeeper Also Offered Me A Sweet Lassi To Add On Top Of It. I Was Mesmerized By The Taste Of The Food.

Then He Knew That I Wanted To Go To The Mahal; It Was Around 8 Am; I Brought A Newspaper From A Local Vendor, And Then We Headed Towards The Taj. He Took Me Via The Smoothest Way, Which Was Yamuna- Expressway. It Was A Smooth Road. Car Was Flying, And In Between, Vicky And I Were Chatting Continuously, And I Was Telling Him About The Headlines.

He Looked To Me As A Company To Spend A Day With, And He Was So Diligent And Soft-Spoken. Then We Reached Agra At Around 11 Am, And He Straight Up Took Me To The Agra Bazaar. I Ate Some Snacks Because Roaming And Exploring Around Taj Would Take A Lot Of Time, So I Didn’t Want My Stomach To Suffer. I Packed Some Local Delicacy Known As Petha, A Famous Sweet In Agra, For My Family And Gave Some To Vicky.

Then We Straight Up Went To The Mahal, And Vicky Helped Me With All The Formalities Which Had To Be Done; I Only Had To Stand In A Security Check And Rest Everything Was Taken Care Of By Him. Then We Entered The Monument, And I Was Amazed By Its Appearance.

Vicky Then Introduced Me To A Local Guide Named Vikas, Who Told Me That He Had Worked As A Guide Since He Was 12. He Had Such Deep Knowledge About The Monument That I Don’t Think There Was Any Question On Mine That Was Left Unanswered.

He Told Me That The Same day Taj Mahal tour from delhi by car best option and was Built By Emporer Shah Jahan In 1632 For His Queen Mumtaz To Remember Their Love. The Marble Was So Good, And The Place Was Too Clean. I Also Clicked Some Pictures To Remember That Day. I Clicked Pictures In All The Poses That Were Possible. I Don’t Think I Left An Inch Of The Place Unexplored In The Taj. The Guide Told Me That I Should Sit Near The Fountain For Some Time And Then He Is Going To Treat Me To A Nice Meal In Agra.

I Had A Local Beverage Known As Jaljeera, A Chilled Sweet And Sour Beverage That I Enjoyed To The Fullest. It Refreshed Onto Another Level. Now It Was Around 4 Pm, And I Was Hungry; The Moment I Told This To My Chauffeur, He Immediately Took Me To The Bazaar And There I Had A Thali Which Had Naan, Dal, Rajma, Mix Vegetable And Salad. I Loved The Food And The Hospitality At That Local Restaurant. They Told Me They Serve More Than 250 Dishes And They Are Very Famous In The City For Their Taste And Quality.

It Was Around 5 When I Thought I Should Buy Something For My Family. Then I Wandered Around The Place And Brought Some Bed Sheets And Some Nankhatai From The Local Vendor For My Family. I Loved The Taste Of Nankhatai, And I Was Mesmerized By The City’s Appeal And The Hospitality Of The People Over There.

Then Vikas Told Me That It Would Get Late If We Didn’t Leave Agra And Leave For Delhi. He told me best second option viable here, same day Taj Mahal tour from delhi by train. My Heart Did Not Want To Leave This Place So Early, But We Had To.

So We Again Started Our Return Journey From The Same Highway That Took Us Abode To The Heavenly Place. It Took Us Around Two And A Half To Reach Back To Delhi. The Highway Was So Nicely Built That It Had Public Conveniences Every 75 Kilometers. Everything Was Taken Care Of, And The Journey On The Highway Was Accompanied By Some Good Coffee And My Twelve Hours Old Friends. What Could Have I Asked For More. The Journey Was Very Smooth, And We Reached Back At Around 8:45, And He Straight Away Took Me To A Place To Have Some Appetizers. As My Stomach Was Full, I Had A Huge Thali, So That I Couldn’t Eat Much Pani-Puri, But They Tasted So Good That I Could Not Stop Myself From Eating Them. I Asked For More Water As The Guy Was Kind, And He Knew How To Treat And Please His Customers Well.

Then I Brought Some Gifts For Vikas’s Kids As He Had Told Me During The Journey That He Has Two Daughters. I Brought Them Some Storybooks And Colouring Books Along With The Crayons, And He Was More Than Delighted To See Them.

After All Of This, My Travel Agent Called Me And Asked For Feedback, And I Had No Words But To Praise Him For Such Nice People I Came Across Because Of Him. I Shook Hands With Vikas As He Left Me At The New Delhi Railway Station And Helped Board My Train At 11 Pm. I Will Never Forget This Trip In My Life And Will Cherish This Till My Last Breath.

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