Warwick’s History Brought to Existence on Primary School Journeys

Warwick’s wealthy history remains apparent today inside the walls of the castle plus the city that inspired among Britain’s finest authors. Primary school journeys with this region brings this phenomenal history to existence and let the kids going to the locations where bore witness in it.

Warwick Castle

In the event you ask a youthful child to draw in a castle it’s highly probable their drawing will bear an even more than passing resemblance to Warwick Castle. Having its castellated towers, ramparts and idyllic setting it’s every child’s vision from the castle. Its history might be tracked back for eleven centuries it has been home of the Earls of Warwick since 1264 and ongoing to become so until 1978 if the was absorbed with the Tussaud Group. The castle has survived attacks, sieges and fires, and lately remains the primary focus of the large restoration project.

Before the Warwicks moved in, King Alfred the Great’s daughter, Ethelfleda, used the very first building to safeguard her individuals from the Danes. The Warwicks were a wealthy and efficient family and were the primary factor on lots of Britain’s great historic occasions Richard de Beauchamp, as Earl of Warwick, supervised the trial after which burning of Joan of Arc in 1431. All students who viewed the present television programme The White-colored-colored Queen recognizes that Richard Neville since the Earl of Warwick helped to produce King Edward IV to power, only to try and depose him towards his brother he earned the title of “Kingmaker” to reflect his power. He died inside the Fight of Barnet in 1471 as well as the castle was given to his brother, the Duke of Clarence, George. When George was performed for treason the castle was passed to his boy Edward, who was simply also later performed.

As they are apparent, a history in the Earls of Warwick has not been a cheerful one, however children on primary school journeys might have their fascination with history revitalised by such dramatic tales. Others to Warwick Castle include Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Today the Castle hosts occasions such as the Kingmaker’s Banquet and a lot of Horrible History Shows to produce its colourful history to existence. Productions of numerous Warwick’s other great boy, William Shakespeare, may also be performed in view Air Theatre inside the grounds in the castle.


Stratford-Upon-Avon is, clearly, famous since the birthplace and residential of William Shakespeare and it is essential visit for almost any primary school journeys with this area. The city, that’s built upon the forest Avon, can be a haven for theatre enthusiasts and history buffs. William Shakespeare’s birthplace, home and funeral place are during this city.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and gardens is mentioned is easily the most romantic Shakespearean house, since it is where he courted his future wife at her home. You can easily assume them walking using the gardens while he recited sonnets to her. Close by is home of another essential lady in Shakespeare’s existence: Mary Arden, his mother. Mary Arden’s Farm is when she elevated up where Shakespeare may have visited his granny and grand daddy. For youthful students, visiting it today supplies a great knowledge of existence around the Tudor Farm.

Selecting Warwick just like a place to choose primary school journeys will definitely delight and encourage any child getting a burgeoning fascination with history or literature.