Where is Butterfly Island Goa? How to reach there

Butterfly Island is the paradise that is situated on the south side of the Goa that is between the Palolem and the Agonda. The most special thing about Butterfly Island is their beach which is very famous and attractive spot of the south Goa. The Goa will be the honeymoon destination for most of the couples and the Goa is considered as the treasure of the south India. There are several honeymoon cottages in goa based upon the need of the visitors. The butterfly island and the beach present in this place are known for their tranquility and the offers the serene calmness for the tourist.

Butterfly beach

The butterfly beach is located in a small bay and it is present in the isolated corner of the nature with the natural infrastructure. It is due to the presence of beautiful flowering trees with the thousands of colorful butterflies come here and they inhabit the small space in the beach. The butterfly island has the thick vegetation, clear blue water and the warm breeze of the butterfly beach Goa. All these natural things of butterfly beach attract travelers towards the Goa. On the butterfly beach island, likes to sail the dolphins and arrange so many games to entertain the travelers of the Goa. Sunset in this beach is more beautiful than any other place in the world. Fact is that the beauty cannot be just described in the words, it is better to visit and admire the nature of the Island.

How to reach butterfly beach?

The butterfly beach can be easily reached only through the boat. The boat department of island departs boats permanently from the shores of the beaches of Agonda and the Palolem. You can take a swim from here to other places but it will take more time and a little more expensive. The water of the butterfly island will be faster, easier and more reliable. If you are moving to the butterfly island for long time you have to stock up your foods because the beach doesn’t impregnated with the restaurants, no shelves and no shelter you have to spend your time in the beach sand and in under the tree shades of the island.

Things to do in island

There are so many things too in the butterfly island-like dolphin sailing, kayak, scuba dive with the support of experts. And they will conduct so many games and performances in the island to entertain the tourist and it will be one of the strategies to attract the people towards the Goa. You can do the sightseeing at the butterfly island. There are several beach house in goa for rental purpose you can make use of it. Visit so many catholic churches and ashrams that present in the spot. Have a ride on the elephant and can swim with the waterfall. You can walk through the streets of the Goa and admire the different shades of the Goa. You can stay at some of the cottages in goa to enjoy each street of South Goa


Final thoughts

Goa is the beautiful natural destination and the butterfly island surprise you with their natural wonders. To explore everything about Butterfly Island you can make use of beach house in goa and this will give you the different feel.