8 Recommended Cheap Hotels in Bunaken to Spend the Nights

Bunaken Marine Park is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia, which is often visited, not only by locals but also foreigners. Its position is in the waters of Manado Bay, North Sulawesi province.

In 2005, UNESCO assigned this marine park as a world cultural heritage with the beauty of underwater charm. This is also what triggers travelers to keep coming to see the beautiful panorama of this place closely.

Well, for those interested in coming here but have a limited budget, here are some recommendations for cheap hotels in Bunaken. Let’s see the list below:

Daniel’s Resort

The first hotel that is priced cheaply is Daniel’s Resort. Imagine, you only need IDR 335 thousand per night to stay at this best tourist spot. The location of this Daniel’s Resort is on Pangalisang Beach, Bunaken Island. There are 17 rooms with a green and beautiful atmosphere and sea views ready to be your place to stay.

MC Cottage and Dive

Unlike other lodgings, the architecture of MC Cottage and Dive uses the design concept of a Minahasa traditional house made of wood. All the furniture in this cheap place also uses wood as a material. If you want to stay here, prepare a budget of IDR 380 thousand per night.

Cakalang Resort and Diving Bunaken

Another cheap hotel in Bunaken that can be used as an option is Cakalang Resort and Diving Bunaken. The position itself is still on the same beach as Daniel’s Resort but for 480 per night. This place belongs to a 2-star hotel with four bungalows. But make no mistake, Cakalang Resort is still classy like a 4-star hotel.

Nelson Restaurant and Cottage

Located on Liang Beach, Bunaken Island, Nelson Restaurant and Cottage is located on the pier. This inn, which also functions as a place to eat in Bunaken, only has three rooms. The price for each room itself is not more than IDR 350 thousand per night.

Bunaken Divers Sea Breeze Resort

Of the several inns in Bunaken and its surroundings, this is the cheapest hotel in Bunaken with the highest price when compared to other lodging recommended here.

Bunaken Divers Sea Breeze Resort is a 4-star hotel on Bunaken Island that has a number of bungalows with a total of 16 rooms. Even though it is located on the beach, the beautiful atmosphere is very thick with lush trees and beautiful flowers. Tables and chairs made of wood also make the atmosphere more comfortable. If you stay here, visitors will get breakfast for two, room service, free wifi available in all rooms, a restaurant, a play club for children, a private beach, non-motorized water sports, and a charming sea view.


Bunaken Kuskus Resort

The place to stay in Bunaken is the choice of many tourists is the Bunaken Kuskus Resort. There are five bungalows at this inn located on Pangalisang Beach. The price of each room itself starts from the cost of fewer than IDR 500 thousand. There are many groves of trees and beautiful gardens around it, which are an added value for this cheap inn.

Jonaths Cottage

For lodging with prices below IDR 500 thousand, Jonaths Cottage can still be an option. There are 14 rooms with an atmosphere that blends with nature so that your vacation this time will be calm and peaceful. Similar to other budget hotels, Jonaths also has free wifi for each room and breakfast for two.

Bunaken Beach Resort

Finally, a cheap hotel that is a pity to miss when in this marine tourist destination is Bunaken Beach Resort. Views directly facing the sea, wooden furniture, and five-star hotel service facilities are some of the things that must be considered when staying at this place.

Those were some recommendations for cheap hotels in Bunaken. Remember, keep adjusting the budget first before actually deciding where to stay. Meanwhile, to reach Bunaken Marine Park, the mode of transportation used is an airplane that lands at Sam Ratulangi Airport.

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