All That you Need to Know about Your Move to Turkey

The tourist visa can be processed online on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its electronic visa application system. It is previously processed on the aforementioned website and is valid for a single entry within a total period of 180 days, the stay cannot be longer than 30 days and is free.

High season: 

It is in July and August that coincides with the European summer. There are more people and it is more expensive but it is more lively. You have to be extremely cautious in areas where there are more crowds of tourists and be careful with the heat. It is the ideal time to go to the beach in the Mediterranean.

Medium season: 

In the months of April, May, September and October the prices are lower, there are fewer people and the weather is more pleasant.

Low season: 

From November to February, it is cold and in some areas it can snow. Some hotels close. Some tourist sites, like seeing snow capped Cappadocia, have a special charm in winter.

Climate in Turkey

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey?

Turkey is a relatively cheap country to travel to, especially in the middle or low season. Accommodation in Turkey: a double room with private bathroom in a “pansiyon” or pension can be obtained for about 20-25 dollars, although in a tourist city in high season it can be higher. A room with the same characteristics but in a hotel can be found for more than 30 dollars.

Food in Turkey: 

Whenever you want to eat in a restaurant, you have to know that prices are usually higher than 10 dollars per person and meal. But fortunately in Turkey there are many other alternatives in street stalls or more on the go, where you can taste meat or chicken kebabs, fresh fish sandwiches in the beach or port areas. With this last option, you don’t spend more than $ 8 a day per person. Clink in Made in Turkey Tours to know more about it.

These are the average budgets per person to spend in Turkey: 

Low budget: less than $ 30 per day and person

Medium budget: between 30 and 50 dollars per day and person

High budget: more than 50 dollars per day and person

How much does it cost to travel to Turkey

Visa for Turkey

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Today you have to be attentive to the safety recommendations offered by official bodies. Always read and inform the Secretary of Foreign Affairs about the situation in the country. We give you some recommendations from the Traveler’s Guide of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: In tourist areas you have to pay attention and be careful with your belongings, there may be theft, delinquency and criminality.