Are Greece resorts prospering?

Greece is not only a resort with a unique azure sea and pristine beaches. It is also a country where it is profitable to invest in real estate.

Real estate investment

Since 2019, the number of investors has been steadily growing, despite another global crisis. And there is a reason for this – a stable political and economic situation in the country. In such conditions, you can not worry about future investments. We must not forget about the possibility of obtaining a residence permit, and in the future citizenship, for which the Greek government has provided a special program.

Halkidiki luxury real estate is the most attractive investment. Resorts are popular both on the mainland and on the island part of the state. Moreover, if you compare real estate prices in Greece with Spain or Portugal, they will be much lower. This is due to the high interest of investors who can be guaranteed to receive a stable income.

Economic difficulties

It should be noted that economic difficulties in Greece have also led to a decrease in the cost of living in the country – especially in terms of residential property prices in Greece. This has certainly had a negative effect on the Greeks, who are struggling with rising unemployment, lower wages, and a significant decrease in purchasing power. Conversely, against the backdrop of the current situation, ex-pats have the opportunity to invest in Halkidiki villas rentals with profit.

Anyone who wants to do this should also find out how much it costs to live in Greece in general, study current property prices, prices for clothes, seafood, other food, alcohol, and more. Whether you want to live in Greece after you retire, temporarily move to the country, or permanently move to Greece, it is helpful to have an idea of ​​how much it will cost to live there as an ex-pat.