5 Things to Do in London

There are many things to do in London city. However, summer opens up a brand new side to this city. Once the sun comes out, the city’s parks turn into leafy social clubs, fountains erupt from dusty squares, and the air in the city is filled with art, music, and alfresco theatre.

You may fill those balmy nights and extra-long days with visits without incredible secret spots, stunning parks, world-beating theaters, and art exhibitions. And this is even before you factor in all those historical pubs, vibrant LGBTQ+ venues, and must-visit restaurants. So if you are touring the city, the following are things you can do:

Take a Tour of the Hyde Park

This is one of the most popular parks in the city. Hyde Park has historical importance, having hosted a couple of protests and demonstrations, including those by the Suffragettes.

The famous Speaker’s Corner in the park is occupied by performance artists, protests, and debates each week. The park is also home to some memorial features and two water bodies, the most popular being the Serpentine.

Go for a Sightseeing Tour

In case you are new to the city, you should consider going on a sightseeing tour. In order to have a feel in the new city, consider a bike tour.

Suppose you just have a day in the city and are wondering what you should do for the day. In that case, you can try taking a sightseeing tour to the most popular spots, including Covent Garden, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Westminister Abbey + Big Pen.

See the Art in Mayfair

Between the month of June and July, many artists gather their artwork across the neighborhood of affluent Mayfair, looking to wow prospective clients, art lovers, and tourists.

Bond Street’s luxury brands usually get in the act, coming together so as to launch a live exhibition. Some of the participating brands are MaxMara, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton.

For every family, there is also an interactive sculpture trail collaborating with the Mayfair Art Weekend, which encourages viewers to re-arrange with art and explore what the place offers artistically.

Visit the Tower Bridge

This Tower Bridge is a recognizable landmark of the city. It is at times called the London Bridge. Though actually, this is a different bridge that crosses a similar river, and it isn’t iconic as the Tower Bridge.

You may walk across the bridge for free. However, if you are looking to cross deck and through the towers, you will need to pay for the tour.

Explore the Bermondsey Street

This is a totally beautiful village that feels great when you take a short stroll from the riverfront. It is also a perfect place to tour on weekends when every intimate gallery and the independent shop is open. You will totally love White Cube for the afternoon gander, particularly as its exhibitions change a lot.

In a Nutshell!

London has many fun things to do, making it a perfect city to tour with your family. So whether you are looking to challenge your family to several games, grab a bite to enjoy at a tropical Rainforest Café, or embark on a very immersive experience, London is the best city to explore, especially in the summer.