Bovec kayaking, a dreamlike experience

Bovec kayaking is the most dreamy and breath-taking adventure that you can experience in our country. It is famous for its beautiful surroundings, greenery and high mountains along the emerald river Soča. The beauty of this place has been recognised by film makers, so the area of Bovec and the Soča River have been pictured in several films and numerous commercials. 

And wonderful nature is what makes Bovec kayaking in Slovenia something special.

We offer guided Bovec kayaking trips that are suitable for beginners, as well as more experienced kayakers. Our guides take you to part of the river that suits your level of expertise, so everyone can enjoy their Bovec kayaking trip to the max. However, the Soča River really offers so much more than just white water rapids. Why not jumping into one of the emerald river pools while doing Bovec kayaking and try to see the famous marble trout?

It is time for an adventure

Experience the beauty of Bovec kayaking and the stunning banks of the Soča River, its pristine surroundings, from a unique perspective that now everyone can experience.

It is time for an adventure. While you are on your holidays in Slovenia, you simply have to take time for Bovec kayaking. It is an adventure to remember and talk about. Bovec kayaking offers an amazing way to ride the river and get to know this hidden part of Slovenia. This kayaking experience is equipped with several stops, to rest and get to know the beauty of the area up close, to create the most amazing adventure.

Our guides are fully qualified and experienced to provide you with the best possible adventure, while being secure, comfortable and being able to enjoy every step of the way. Our guides are here for you and will keep an eye of you at all times.

You do not want to miss this

There is so much to do, so many places to visit, but your holiday time in Slovenia is too precious to miss our Bovec kayaking adventure. Bovec is such a unique place and it really is worth to visit. There is some of the best kayaking in Europe waiting for you. Bovec kayaking is perfect for families, great for couples, adventure to be enjoyed as a part of a larger group, or a peaceful experience that you can enjoy on your own.

Let’s go explore the Soča River and discover a unique and magical Bovec kayaking in Slovenia together!