5 Reasons to Take a Cruise in the Indonesian Archipelago

Indonesia is one of the most breathtaking archipelagos in the world. It hosts over 17,000 distinctive islands. It is a dream of many a traveler to see the entirety of Indonesia. The best way to do this satisfactorily is to cruise among the islands.

There is more to this scenic country than the Komodo dragon or Bali. The beaches and water activities are amazing. However, there is a lot more to see and experience in Indonesia. What about the volcanoes, sea turtles and breathtaking waterfalls? 

These and more await you in the vast archipelago. Below are a few reasons why you should consider taking your next cruise in Indonesia.


  • Private Beaches and Islands


Bali is arguably one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world. You have even seen whole television shows choose Bali’s beautiful setting in their programs. Also, you have seen the glossy colorful photos on Instagram as celebrities share their holidays with their followers. 

As one of the most popular tourist destinations, Bali receives and hosts almost five million visitors annually. Fortunately, Indonesia is not short of equally stunning islands you can visit and avoid the throngs in Bali. 

A Komodo Island Cruise could take you around the Island of Flores, Komodo Island, Labuan Bajo and many other islands. You can enjoy the beaches frolicking in the sand or snorkeling in the blue sea. You can head to Lombok and visit the adjacent Keramat and Saringi islands.

You need not get stuck in crowded Bali when there is such a vast stretch of lush land to begin exploring. 


  • Take a Dip in a Crater Lake


Indonesia is a constant surprise that keeps throwing lovely treasures your way. Have you ever gone swimming in a crater lake? No? Well, make your way to Satonda for the experience of a lifetime!

Satonda is almost all crater lake as the lake covers most of the island. Verdant hills surround the island. It is lovely to walk along the trails that lead to a lookout for some instagrammable views. You can then lump into the salty lake for a swim and think about something you wish for. 

Rumor has it that the trees that surround the lake have supernatural powers and can make your wishes come true. The only catch is that if yours comes true, you must come back to the islands to show your gratitude. 


  • Moyo Island


Moyo Island is one of those hard-to-reach destinations that are found all over Indonesia. It is a calm and beautiful island that is famous for breathtaking waterfalls. Also, it is covered in forest and hosts a vast array of wildlife. 

Those who are lucky enough to find it enjoy swimming in the pool that is beneath the Diwe Mbai waterfall. 


  • Get Some Exercise in


If you are not enthusiastic about lugging some holiday weight home, get active in Lombok. There are myriads of exercise opportunities such as cycling through the rice paddies. This is the perfect way to enjoy the rich countryside of the island. 

There are also lots of hiking trails that lead to volcanic mountains. Go surfing in Bali or white water rafting in Ubud. The jungles and caves are just lying in the sun waiting for you to go exploring. 

A cruise in Indonesia gives you multiple opportunities to go snorkeling, diving. Kayaking, fishing as well as swimming. All ships are equipped with the necessary equipment you need for your preferred activities.


  • Local Culture


One of the reasons to travel to a different country is to experience diversity in culture. Adventure cruising is the best way to experience the best of a cruising holiday. Not only will you get to your destination but you will also experience culture along the way. 

As you cruise between the islands, you will be allowed to visit with the locals and sample some of their cultures. For instance, you can enjoy guided tours of local villages for cultural displays and performances. 


Indonesia is unlike many other holiday destinations in the world. Tourists get a taste or delicious organic food and friendly locals within a utopian environment that comes with perfect weather.