How to Hire a 12-Person Van

Transportation tips for group travel often assume the number of people coming for the trip is 46, which could fit in an average sedan or minivan. However, if your party is a dozen or so people, the need for a larger vehicle is key, as multi-car carpooling increases the cost of your vacation or  Your road trip.

Find a model that seats 12 passengers.

12 passenger van rental Brooklyn, we have some great options for your transportation. First, our 12-person rental van is a Ford Transit or similar, big enough for a dozen crew members and their luggage. We also offer several 12-passenger Van rentals. These luxury van rental cars also come with top-notch technical features and comfortable seats.

Decide on your itinerary

Once you’ve selected your 12-passenger van rental type, you’ll need to see which mileage plan works best for your group. Different van rental companies have different policies for the mileage plans they offer, so determining your route will help you count daily mileage. For example, at Simple Van, we have daily and weekly rates for 100 miles, 200 miles, and unlimited miles per day. The 100-mile option may be perfect for those traveling near

New Jersey. If you’re heading south or west coast, unlimited miles are better for overland trips.

Check out car rental company reviews

Deciding where to rent a 12-passenger van is more complex than deciding on van type and mileage. It’s important to make sure you not only get the rental car you want, but the deal you got as some travelers have experienced great disappointment with hidden fees and overbooking at companies with less than reputation. Checking online reviews will help you determine if the van rental is trustworthy.

Good Reasons to Rent a 12-15 Passenger Van

Are you looking for a cheap rental car so you can all travel together? Well, there’s good news for you: try renting a cheap 12-15 Passenger Van so you and your family and/or friends can travel together. There are many reasons why this route is the best option.

Shared driving: Since everyone can drive together, they can share the driving. If you’re planning a long trip, it’s a good idea to have several (insured) drivers so nobody gets too tired and accidentally falls asleep,  Driving can be fun and there are usually a few people in a group who don’t mind taking responsibility. It may cost a little more to add additional drivers to your rental package, but it’s well worth the investment. With the money Save by using rental car coupons that you can use to have extra drivers!

Save Money – Since you’re only renting one vehicle, you don’t have to spend money hiring multiple vehicles so the whole group can travel together. Obviously renting a 12-15 passenger car is more expensive than renting a compact car, but much cheaper than renting 3 or 4 compact cars. In addition, everyone can contribute to the costs of rent, insurance, and petrol.

Times 12 or 15 makes things a lot more affordable and another benefit. you only ever need one parking space. Instead of searching and searching for nearby places, your group only has to find a spot and thus pay a parking fee (which of course means you have to pay to park everywhere).

Bonding – Whether you’re traveling with your best friends, a team of co-workers, extended family, or anything in between, there’s plenty of time in a vehicle to network and socialize. Listen to your favorite songs, set off, and enjoy the scenery together. As a team, you can play to your heart’s content, tell stories, and laugh. When you’re in a vehicle, you don’t have to split into smaller groups to decide who’s going with whom.

Plenty of space – If you’re traveling in a large group and for an extended period, make sure your cheap 12-15 passenger van has plenty of storage space. Lots of people mean lots of odd luggage, bags, and maybe

camping gear. Stretch your legs to the max as these trucks usually have plenty of legroom as well. As you can see, renting an economy van with 1215 passengers has many advantages. Don’t waste time and reserve at 12 passenger van rental Brooklyn today!