Recommended Authentic Indonesian Coffees

Indonesia is the third largest coffee-producing country after Brazil and Colombia. Indonesian Coffee products have been successfully exported to various countries around the world. So the quality of each coffee bean is guaranteed.

So, before visiting a Bali restaurant, it’s good to know the best types of authentic coffee from Indonesia so that you can choose the kind of coffee according to your taste.

The Selection of the Best Authentic Indonesian Coffees

It should be noted that there is more than one coffee-producing area in Indonesia. If traced from Sabang to Merauke, many regions produce coffee with their characteristics, and here are some of them. 

1. Kintamani Arabica Coffee (Bali)

Kintamani coffee is a type of coffee popular in several countries, such as Japan, Europe, and several countries in the Arab region. Not surprisingly, the main export destinations for this type of Kintamani coffee are those three regions. This coffee’s taste is unique because it is dominated by fresh citrus acid and floral fragrance. The level of thickness and acidity is classified as moderate.

2. Gayo Arabica Coffee (Aceh)

This coffee originating from Aceh has a texture that tends to be watery, not too thick. The acidity level is also balanced, not too sour. That way, this coffee is perfect for those who don’t like sour coffee. Interestingly, the people of Aceh have their traditional way of serving, which is unique. Not brewed, but the coffee is boiled with water in a pot until it boils. Only then is it poured into a glass containing sugar and milk.

3. Rangsang Meranti Liberian Coffee (Riau)

This Liberian coffee, originally from the Meranti Islands, has obtained Geographical Indicator (IG) certification. In addition, the Directorate General of National Intellectual Property of the Republic of Indonesia has labeled this coffee as one of the best agricultural products. The main export destinations for Liberian Coffee are Indonesia’s two neighboring countries, Singapore and Malaysia. The taste and quality are steady, increasing the need for exports.

4. Toraja Arabica Coffee (Toraja)

With its unique characteristics, the main destinations for Toraja coffee beans exports are Japan and several countries in the Americas. This coffee does not leave a bitter and disturbing aftertaste, so it is suitable for these countries. The bitter sensation of coffee beans will only pass and disappear after you sip. The taste of this coffee tends to be earthy, like the taste of a forest or soil with low acid.

There are many more types of coffee that can be found in Indonesia. You should try some of the coffee types above while you are on vacation in Indonesia, and if you like it, you can buy some bags of coffee for friends in your home country.