5 Things to do in Bordeaux for solo travellers

Bordeaux is a lively city in France that can be added to a traveller’s bucket list without any doubt. Most people visit France to explore Paris; however, France has several hidden gems beside Paris. Bordeaux is one among them. If you want to know about 5 unusual things to do in Bordeaux, here’s a catch!

Explore the unexplored Bordeaux in 5 ways

1. Gaze at the beautiful architecture

Your trip to Bordeaux will remain incomplete if you miss watching the splendid architecture of this city. The buildings are so elegant that they can also rival Paris’ architecture. You cannot stop filming the pristine fountains, Haussmannian-style buildings, ruins of the Roman empire, museums and many more. 

Some of the worth visiting secret places in Bordeaux are:

Porte Dijeaux

It was built in the 1700s on the former entrance to Bordeaux. If you are a photography freak, don’t miss the early morning snap of this monument. It looks gold-bathed in the first ray of the sun. 

Basilique Saint Michel

Visiting Basilique Saint Michel is among the unusual things to do in Bordeaux. This beautiful architecture in Saint Michel will appease your eyes with its picturesque beauty. It is known for several stained-glass windows and a high nave that looks magnificent. 

Palais Galien

This is among the classic places in Bordeaux. If history captivates your heart and mind, this place is a catch for you. The ruins of the Roman Amphitheatre can make you feel nostalgic while walking through the place.

2. Take a troll to the Bordeaux cathedral

While visiting a historical city, visitors always choose to explore the churches, cathedrals, domes and tombs to know more about the past. Bordeaux cathedral is one such place that will take you back to the ancient days with its beautiful architecture. 

If you are visiting a Southern French city, do not miss this 11th-century cathedral. It is officially known as the Primatial Cathedral of St Andrew of Bordeaux, where you can roam freely and grasp the eternal beauty of heritage buildings.

3. Take a free walking tour around the Chartrons district

Opt for a free walking tour around the Chartrons district if you like wandering unknown roads. This area features historic homes and cobbled lanes where you can roam the day. The silent charm of this elegant area will surprise you in every manner. While wandering this place, you can also pay a visit to Notre Dame Street, Chartrons Temple, eateries of Les Halles des Chartrons, etc.

4. Satiate your taste buds with local delicacies

Though Bordeaux is famous for wine, you can also find finger-licking delicacies and mouth-melting desserts here. Food lovers can dive into the famous cafes, restaurants and bistros to relish the savoury dishes of this place.

You can have a traditional French dinner at Belle Campagne or an exotic brunch at Contrast Café. Besides, you can also taste other extraordinary French delicacies in Bordeaux. So take a quick review from the local people and satiate your hunger in the best eatery in Bordeaux.

5. Visit the world’s largest reflective pool: The Miroir d’Eau

Have you heard about the world’s largest reflective pool? Yes, it is in Bordeaux. The Miroir d’Eauz is located along River Garonne on Palace de la Bourse, reflecting the palace clearly on its water. 

The pool is about 3450 square metres and is built with granite slabs. If you want the best view of this lake, visit it at sunset or night. The orange ray of light during the sunset creates a captivating view during the sunsets. However, the night makes it look celestial with the moon’s silver light. 

Final takeaway

So, Bordeaux has much more to offer apart from food and wine. The crystal-clear water of the world’s largest reflective pool, the impressive architecture of ancient buildings, and everything make Bordeaux a place worth visiting.