Things to do with Your Sweetie in Niagara Falls

It’s easy to see why Niagara Falls is commonly viewed as a family destination. Since many of its key attractions seem to be designed with children in mind, there’s little wonder as to why families flock to Niagara in droves throughout the entire year. However, unbeknownst to many couples, Niagara Falls is also home to a bevy of fun-filled romantic attractions. So if you and your sweetie are scouting locations for your next getaway, consider charting a course for Niagara Falls.

Winery Tours

If you and your special someone can never say no to good wine, you’re sure to enjoy the many winery tours found in Niagara Falls. While it may not be quite as well-known as Napa Valley, Niagara Falls is home to a number of world-renowned vineyards and wineries – most of which offer comprehensive tours. In addition to providing guests with samples, many of these wineries feature romantic onsite restaurants, ensuring that couples are able to enjoy intimate meals with their wine. Conversely, if you and your sweetie also have a taste for good beer, consider touring some of Niagara’s many microbreweries.

Botanical Gardens

Few settings are more romantic than a well-tended botanical garden. If you and your partner agree with this sentiment, you won’t want to pass up a chance to visit the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Boasting 99 acres of picturesque plant life, the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens provide couples with the perfect romantic backdrop. The gardens are also home to world-renowned rose garden that features over 2,400 well-kept roses. Couples who really wish to set the mood are sure to enjoy taking one of the horse-and-carriage tours offered throughout the summer months. Additionally, since the gardens are open year-round, visitors needn’t obsess over planning their trips around the best time to visit Niagara Falls.

Nightmares Fear Factory

Couples who enjoy being scared can’t go home without hitting up Nightmares Fear Factory. The oldest operational haunted house in North America, Nightmares Fear Factory provides couples with ample opportunities to jump into each other’s arms. The tour takes place almost entirely in the dark and lasts for about 10 minutes, during which time trained actors constantly appear out of the woodwork and attempt to frighten patrons. In addition, a number of clever visual effects are utilized to maximize visitor unease. As of 2019, over 161,000 patrons have chickened out before the end, so couples who make it all the way through are sure to feel a well-earned sense of pride.

There’s no denying that Niagara Falls has a lot to offer families. Given its expansive plethora of kid-friendly attractions, it’s only natural that Niagara has become one of the world’s foremost family vacation destinations. Of course, this isn’t to say that families are the only ones who can have a good time when visiting Niagara Falls. Despite its well-deserved reputation as a first-rate family destination, Niagara has quite a bit to offer couples as well. As such, couples looking for a great place to grow closer and cut loose should consider the romantic attractions that await them in Niagara Falls.