What to Bring on a Yacht in Barcelona?

In recent years, water recreation, whether on a sailboat, catamaran, or speedboat, has become more accessible, even for those who don’t own a boat or have no driving skills, with the help of boat rentals in BCN.

The boat is typically operated by a skipper or an experienced instructor who knows the area well. This allows for peaceful movement among the most picturesque bays, where one can stop to swim or snorkel in crystal-clear waters or explore pristine beaches on foot.

But how do you pack for a water trip? Firstly, it’s essential to limit yourself strictly to what you need and avoid unnecessary items. Cabins typically have lockers where luggage can be stored, but they’re usually small, so it’s also important to travel light and prefer a soft cloth suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to bring on vacation.

Clothing for Everyone

Outings and vacations typically take place in the summer, so light and minimal clothing is necessary. Don’t forget to bring:

  • Long trousers: for evenings when the temperature drops.
  • Shorts: for days on excursions or at the boat dock.
  • T-shirt: useful for excursions, as well as protection from the sun during the hottest hours.
  • Lightweight shirt with long sleeves: wear in the evening or when the wind picks up.
  • Sweatshirt or sweater for the evening.
  • Waterproof jacket: in case of a sudden thunderstorm.
  • Swimwear: bring at least one pair.
  • Sneakers: depending on what you’ll encounter during your stops.
  • Shoes or sandals with rubber soles: to avoid slipping on board.
  • Slippers.

Useful Accessories

  • Towels
  • Backpack or shoulder bag for excursions
  • Water bottle: not always available for free on board
  • Snacks and bars
  • Earplugs: If you sleep near engines and are a light sleeper, you may have trouble falling asleep or be woken up very early, so bring earplugs for better sleep.
  • Eye mask: If you are used to sleeping in complete darkness, the light coming through the portholes can be annoying.
  • Transparent plastic bags with zippers: to protect the camera, money, documents, etc. from water.

First Aid Kit

Each boat comes with a first aid kit with essentials, but you should bring a small emergency kit with you, which should include:

  • Anti-inflammatory/pain reliever: for fever or headache
  • Moisturizing eye drops: wind, sun, and salt can irritate the eyes.
  • Medicines for intestinal and digestive disorders
  • Medicines for seasickness
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointment: for sprains and injuries.
  • Disinfectant gel
  • Insect spray
  • Ointment for insect bites
  • Possible natural sleep supplements: If you think you’re having trouble falling asleep because the boat is rocking.