A Complete Guide on How Much Does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

The idea of summiting Everest is an exciting idea for a lot of people. But the possibility for anyone to scale the world’s highest peak is low. Taking a trekking trip to Mount Everest Base Camp will be an easier and better alternative in case you cannot summit Mount Everest. Anyone with an amateur fitness level can complete the Everest Base Camp Trek.

It also costs much less money and time to hike to base camp than to scale Everest. But to make your trek successful, you must have a good idea about the Everest Base Camp trek cost and itinerary. 

This article will give you a piece of surficial information about the Everest Base Camp Trek costs.

The expenses for the Everest Base Camp Trek is not the same every time. The price of the trip would range from USD 1400 TO USD 4500, depending on the route, the agency, and the services they provide. The cost of the extravagant trekking package and the helicopter return options will be slightly more than the cost of the standard packages.

Several aspects factor into the price of the Everest Base Camp treks.

The first aspect is the permits. Compared to the expedition, the Everest Base Camp trek permits are inexpensive. You will need two permits for it. The first permit is from the Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality. It costs around USD 20 for a person per week for the first four weeks. After that, it costs USD 25 per person per week for the next four weeks. The other option is the Sagarmatha National Park permit, which costs USD 30 per person.

You also need to ensure your travel costs. To start the Everest Base Camp, you must arrive at Lukla first. The usual travel option is a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla.A round-trip ticket from Lukla to Kathmandu costs between USD 360 and USD 380 per person.

Another thing you need to spend on is guides and porters. A porter typically charges between USD 20 and USD 25 per day, while a guide charges between USD 30 and USD 35 per day. A single porter can transport up to 20 kilograms of luggage. Premium guides can charge up to USD 50 per day for their services. The overall trek guides will cost you no more than USD 500.

Food and lodging are also relatively inexpensive. Depending on your itinerary, accommodation will cost you between USD 150 and USD 250. The cost of food is also comparable. Food costs between USD 25 and USD 30 per day. As a result, it will cost between USD 250 and USD 300.

EBC trek also requires trekking gears. Trekking equipment can range in price from USD 200 to USD 500. For a beginner, it’s better to spend a little more on such equipment.

Separating some cash for travel insurance is also necessary. Such insurance covers mishaps in such high-altitude treks. The insurance cost will usually vary depending on your age, nationality, and the length of your journey. Travel insurance for up to 6000 meters altitude trekking costs about USD 150 for a 30-day period.