Here’s All About The Catalina 22: Detailed Review

If you know your sailing history then you would be well aware that the Catalina 22 is one of the 5 boats that were inducted into the first roll of honor of the American Sailboat Hall of Fame. This is a clear testament to the fame and longevity of this boat that has been around for half a century and is still as popular as ever. The high demand and vast adulation of the Catalina 22 gave rise to other variants such as the Catalina 25 and 27, both of which also had their moments under the sun, but are currently no longer in production.

About the Catalina 22

People find it hard to categorize the Catalina 22 and maybe therein lies its beauty and versatility. It can be termed a racer, a day-sailer, a cruiser, and a weekender. The boat has undergone several tweaks in the last 5 decades, however, the manufacturers have stayed true to the core design and mechanics, the key reasons of the boat’s popularity.

Till 1995 (for about 25 years) the same model ‘Mark I’ was in prevalence, which goes on to show how the original design was future-ready. Then came the ‘Mark II’ which got, further, upgraded to ‘Sport’. With the evolution of the model, the main impact was on the hull and its weight that kept getting heavier. The result is that the boat has become far more stable and able to withstand speed, choppy waters, and rough weather conditions with ease. Most of the other aspects have, largely, remain unchanged, much to the joy of the lovers of this sailboat.

Catalina 22 Sailboat Specifications

Here are some details regarding the boat’s dimensions and other vital specifications:

Length 21 feet 6 inches
Hull Weight ~ 1220 kgs
Type Monohull
Beam 7 feet 7 inches
Engine Type Outboard motor
Board Type Swing Keel
Rig Type Bermuda rig
Chassis Fiberglass

More About the Catalina 22

Unlike the lighter sailboats such as the Sunfish or the laser that feature a Lateen Sail, the Catalina 22 relies on a Bermuda Rig. Not only is this the more modern configuration of mast and rigging, it is also more stable.

The sailplan is of the Masthead Sloop kind which means that the job is larger than usual. It is also deemed more efficient and is able to provide better speeds and stability, especially while sailing upwind. Being a heavy and strong boat, the combination of the Bermuda Rig and Masthead Sloop help maneuver the boat comfortably while minimizing the chances of it capsizing.

It sports a retractable swing keel that makes it quite easy to tow the boat using a personal vehicle, thereby increasing its mobility. This is rather uncommon for a boat of this size and weight, which is another one of the reasons for its immense popularity.

The boat makes good use of the space available in the cockpit, the deck, and the cabin with under-seat lockers and other smart ways to maximize crew and luggage capacity.

Fun Facts

  • The original Catalina 22 was designed by Frank V Butler and introduced in 1969.
  • Catalina 22 was sold in Australia as Boomaroo 22 and in Europe as Alacrity 22, and Jaguar 22.
  • In its 2 decades of existence, there were 70 Catalina 22 racing fleets across the U.S alone.
  • Sail magazine named it the “best small cruiser for trailering”.

In Summation

The Catalina 22 is a reliable and safe, recreational, family boat that can easily fit 4-5 adults onboard. The cockpit is large and spacious, and so is the cabin. Due to its ease of operation and competitive price point, it is often the first mid-big sized boat bought by many boaters.