Bali Travel Insurance buys you Peace


Travelling to Bali is a fun experience for travelers. It is the perfect holiday destination for family, friends and honeymooners. If you are making a trip to Bali and want to enjoy your holiday, consider travel insurance for your peace of mind. 

Besides the usual cover of flight delays or cancellations, theft, loss of baggage you may need some extra add-ons to your cover as Bali has many adventurous activities. Before you buy travel insurance for your holiday to Bali you must keep few things in mind, such as the length of your trip and the activities that you plan on doing as extreme activities may need extra cover.

Many Activities Many Risks

Bali is a hot destination for people who like water sports. Water sports like snorkeling, jet skiing are great fun but risky.  Whether you will be trying surfing for the first time or you are an experienced surfer, you must keep yourself safe with travel insurance as you never know when an accident might take place. 

Being caught in a wave or rip tide can cause injury and you may need immediate medical attention. So, it is important to have a thorough travel insurance policy which will cover you in the event of an accident or injury. 

Motorbikes and moped rides are very popular in Bali. One of the common reasons for hospitalization among young people who travel to Bali is motorbike accidents. Before travelling check whether you are licensed to ride a bike in Bali. 

If you don’t have a valid license your insurance policy will not reimburse your claim.  Go through the road safety rules of Bali and always wear a helmet. Travel insurance companies are not obliged to cover you if you incurred injuries when you were not wearing a helmet. If you ignore local official warnings you can be in trouble. 

While Bali is a tourist friendly place, it is important to secure your belongings. Theft is a potential problem in Bali and other places in Indonesia. Make sure that your policy covers expensive items adequately that you plan to take for your trip. Some policies have restriction on laptops and expensive camera gear. So do compare the plans available to find the best theft cover. 

Quad biking and ATV are also popular activities. It you plan to ride these, check your policy before purchasing as some insurance companies may exclude this or ask for extra premium. 

Compare Travel Insurance

Many of us find it very difficult to find the right policy that covers all major points at the right price. It is extremely important to compare all the factors before finalizing. You can find the right Bali travel insurance policy for your needs at iSelect, a website that compares different plans from various partnered companies. Their expert consultants do the research and compare quotes and cover levels for your next holiday. You just need to provide them with your details and requirements and they will provide you a free quote. The consultants will do all the work from the beginning to the end. 

When you plan your trip to Bali to experience the beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets, compare your travel insurance policy at iSelect and then finalize your trip.