List of Recommendation Borobudur Hotel Near The Temple


When you plan to see the Borobudur Temple near Yogyakarta on your visit to Indonesia, it is suggested to locate accommodation and spend time there. Borobudur Temple itself can be seen on a day trip from Yogyakarta. However, land is the local culture rich and quite beautiful. The majority of the populace is Muslim even though the Borobudur Buddhist temple is the most visited monument in Yogyakarta. The sailors grow to create and rice batiks and other artwork crafts. Renting a bicycle from the hotel is strongly suggested and take time to research and revel in the landscape throughout the Borobudur temple.

Omah Setumbu

Omah Setumbu is an easy lodging in the middle of rice fields. According to previous guests that the staff is beneficial and friendly. You are about 4 km out of Borobudur (10 minutes drive). You could even borrow their bicycles. It’s lovely but a bit isolated. It is a good value for money.


Rumah Dharma Villas is directly in the middle of the rice fields, but still a bicycle ride from Borobudur Temple at Yogyakarta. The pool and the garden is inviting you to a slow relaxing vacation. The decoration perfectly fits the atmosphere of the nearby temple. The rooms’ interior decoration is both equally intimate and elegant. Each room is constructed using the Indonesian roof. The complex of the hotel is beautiful in the outside and the inside. The food is yummy and freshly-made. This resort is an ideal retreat location.


Each of the rooms in the Mettaloka hotel overlooks the backyard. The rooms are clean and spacious, and the decor in the baths is beautiful. There is a separate, airy hallway with wooden and tables sofas for tea and breakfast time. The proprietor offers a meditation every day, early in the afternoon, and a meditation teacher. The hotel is a 10-minute bicycle ride from the Borobudur Temple. The nights are incredibly silent, and from there, we could not hear any noise of this morning chants from the Mosque. Right-facing Mettaloka’s entrance, a handy canteen provides rice and Indonesian noodles.

Jolan Jalan Homestay Borobudur

The homestay is at a little village 1.9 km away from Borobudur Temple. Jolan Jalan is a hit with guests due to personnel and their accommodating and amiable owners. The facilities are very basic even though there’s a whole lot of opinions about Booking. Overall great value for money if you’re traveling on a budget.

Amata Borobudur Resort

The Amata Borobudur is a large and homey hotel with a yearlong outdoor pool, private bungalows having an outside shower, barbecue facilities, and a magnificent mountain view. The bungalows appear traditional with a beautiful veranda overlooking the blossoms gardens, but contemporary on the interior with amazing details, on the exterior. There is an onsite restaurant that offers Asian cuisine. Reviews on Agoda emphasize customer support from the delicious food and the staff. The house is about 3.9 kilometers from Borobudur temple also provides bike rentals.

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