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Perfect Croatia Tours for You

There are many essential places to see in Croatia. This country bathed by the Adriatic Sea has dreamy beaches, historical places, lakes of a thousand turquoise colors, waterfalls and movie towns.An incredible country where you could be traveling for weeks without getting tired and we tell you from total experience, we have visited Croatia on 3 occasions:

  • We were lucky to travel to Croatia for free by rental car
  • A year later we were encouraged to visit Croatia with children.
  • To end up returning a few months later to tour Croatia by Campervan.

With this guide with the essential places to visit in Croatia we are going to help you organize your holidays around the country. Let’s start. What to see in Croatia, Pula. For the Adventures Croatia this is important.


What to see in Croatia, Dubrovnik

Called The Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, it appears in every list of incredible places to see in Croatia.

This walled city first, always appears on any travel itinerary to Croatia.

What to see in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Dubrovnik is a city to get lost in its old town and make excursions to the surrounding beaches.

Climbing the wall: It costs 100 kuna (about € 15) in my opinion you can get the same views from the wall, as from other places in Dubrovnik, we did not pay it.

Climb the funicular up to the mountain to watch the sunset.

What to see in Croatia: Views of Dubrovnik from above

War Museum: A reader recommended us to visit this museum that is why I name it. We did not visit him because we came from Bosnia, we had been reading about the Balkan war for a week and we had been in museums about the war in Zagreb and Sarajevo.

What to see in Croatia, Dubrovnik

Where to sleep in Dubrovnick:

Recommended accommodation in Dubrovnick:

High budget:

Ragusa Luxury Apartments: Very difficult to find availability, if you see it on your reservation dates.

  • Excursions in and from Dubrovnick.
  • Excursions to the surroundings and its neighboring countries depart daily from the most popular city in Croatia.
  • We arrived in Dubrovnik after visiting Sarajevo, since the first time we visited, we toured it by rental car and made a free getaway to Bosnia.
  • From Dubrovnick we moved to Montenegro specifically to Kotor, for me one of the essential excursions to do from Dubrovnik.

More excursion ideas in Dubrovnik:

  • Guided tour of Dubrovnik.
  • Take a tour of the Game of Thrones stages.
  • Excursion to Korkula.
  • Cruise through the Elaphiteislands.
  • Zagreb, the capital of Croatia.
  • What to see in Croatia, Zagreb.

We spent a total of 5 days in the Croatian capital. Really, in a day or two you can see the capital calmly.

What to visit in Zagreb.

The square and church of San Marco

The Dolac market

Zagreb cathedral

What to see in Croatia, Zagreb

Where to sleep in zagreb recommendations

Street Food Burger

On the recommendation of a friend, we ate at Le Struck restaurant and we liked it, you can see the site in our video about Zagreb.