Join us for a lifetime quad biking and Camel Ride experience!



Dubai quad bike safari 

Cross the ever-changing dunes; wind through the trackless desert, battling low and high dunes. Until you continue again, pause for a breather and soft refreshments. This adventure safari is ideal for the discerning nature lover and outdoor adventure enthusiast. Take control of your fully automatic quad bike after having been briefed on the laws of off-road driving and provided with your safety gear. Experience the rush of adrenaline as the guide takes you through the sand dunes that are demanding.

Camel desert safari ride

A camel desert safari is the foremost conventional way to investigate the Dubai leave. Navigate the forsake on a conventional camel escort and involvement why migrant Bedouin depended on these charming animals.

Identified as desert boats because of their ease of strolling through the desert sands, camels are the oldest forms of transportation in the world. Your 45 minutes trip through the desert follows Bedouin traveler’s footsteps and takes you through the desert dunes to a falcon display.

Discover a major part of the Emirates community at a professional falcon exhibition. See them migrate to a lure and reach full speeds of up to 390 kilometers per hour.

Stay ready on the most awarded Camel Desert safari ride in Dubai for a special desert adventure!