Plan exotic tour this summer with your loved ones

Tourists do crave for exotic location and exquisite cuisines during their vacation as both of these things make their stay memorable. In case you crave for turquoise blue sky, natural beauty and endearing architectural buildings, then you should visit Sicily. There are several sites on this Italian Island which has been awarded as World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Place which you can’t afford to miss

Val di Noto

This is a collective term used for eight small towns situated at the south-eastern part of Sicily. These towns are well-known for their natural beauty and traditional designs. During your private tours in Sicily you can visit several sites in these towns’ viz. churches, market square, historic centers, palaces etc.

Mount Etna

Situated at Sicily’s eastern cost Mount Etna is a mesmerizing hill station where you will find tranquility and you can even witness an active volcano. You can visit this place throughout the year as you will be able to do skiing during winters and go on a bespoke sightseeing tours during summer months.

San Vito Lo Capo

This place is also known by the mane of Sicilian Caribbean, San Vito Lo Capo is a white sand beach which is surrounded by mountain ranges. It is considered as haven for tourists who want to take a respite from their mundane lifestyle. Total area of this beach is about 1600 hectares which means you will get a chance to stay in abode of nature.


This place is considered ideal for sunbathing, charming sunset and mesmerizing sightseeing. You can even visit historic center which is at an arms stretch from Cefalu and this place also have quality restaurants, diners and you can also visit local market during evenings and purchase memorable souvenirs for your loved ones. Here you also get a chance to see crystal clear sea which attracts many tourists around the year.