River Cruises in The Netherlands: where water is in abundance

The Netherlands and water go hand in hand. Located between the North Sea and many lakes and rivers, this area has been at war with water for centuries. The Dutch created special technology to combat the rise of water and a majority of the country is located below sea level. From lakes and waterways the Dutch also created new land. A good example is the province of Flevoland, that is completely artificial. Besides their fight with water, there is also harmony. This brings us to the river cruises in The Netherlands.

Cruises can take you everywhere

As there is water everywhere, so there are river cruises in The Netherlands. By boat you can travel across the country and visit all major cities.

Amsterdam: Capital of The Netherlands

A good starting point is Amsterdam, with is canals and picturesque houses. Located next to the river IJ with a passage to the lake IJsselmeer, here you can experience one of the historical trading hubs.

Besides the canals and the Dutch cheeses, you will find many museums here. Want to get an impression of Dutch history? The famous Rijksmuseum is the perfect start to get lost in paintings from Rembrandt to Mondriaan. Another option is the dedicated museum for Vincent van Gogh or the house of Anne Frank.

Rotterdam: architectural masterpiece

Rotterdam is one of the older cities of the country. However, due to the bombing of the Germans in the Second World War, it lost most of its old buildings. This gave rise to new architecture in the city. With only the Sint Laurents church as a remainder of the old Rotterdam in the Blaak area, it is now accompanied with iconic pieces such as the Markthal, Cubicle Houses and the Pencil. Visiting Rotterdam will leave you with the impression of a modern, international hub with nice restaurants and bars.


Giethoorn is known as the Venice of the country and cannot be missed when taking river cruises in The Netherlands. You can travel through the village with small boats and get a glimpse of local life. Do take into account that this became a true tourist magnet now.


Gouda is known for the famous Dutch cheeses. In this city you can find the Cheese market and a cozy city center with stores and bars filled with delicacies.


Tulips from The Netherlands? Well… although they originate from Turkey, the Dutch did create an image of tulips as part of its national brand. Going to the Keukenhof will learn you why. Here you will find beautiful fields of tulips in all colours and sizes. Do not forget to bring your camera!

Where to go?

As you have noticed there it lots of things to discover. River cruises in The Netherlands are therefore varied and can take you anywhere. Due to this accessibility it is easy to configure your own desired route and find a matching cruise provider that can facilitate this for you.