Travel to Croatia

How to travel well in Croatia? Preparing for your trip to Croatia involves a few key questions. How to go to Croatia? Which route to follow? Should you book your accommodation and transport if necessary? And if so, how do you find the best deals?

How to prepare for a perfect stay in Croatia?

It is never easy to prepare a trip to a country you don’t know. Of course, paper guides, brochures and travel forums answer many questions, but cross-checking the information takes time and sometimes actually wastes a lot.

In the article, we will discuss the main questions that we get asked all year round in anticipation of a vacation in Croatia. For Adventures Croatia here are the options.

For any more specific question, do not hesitate to ask them in comments, on the contact form or by email, and by consulting the forum which brings together many varied questions and more personalized answers.

How to design an itinerary when you want to visit Croatia?

Traveling in Croatia on a tour is the way to visit Croatia which is touristy or the one that goes off the beaten track. However, choosing which sites, towns and villages to discover is not easy in a country with such a large number of very attractive tourist sites. It is not possible to discover the various regions from a single drop-off point, but some will allow you to approach at least two or even three which can be useful if you do not want to change accommodation too often. On a two week basis, you could divide it into 3 times 5 days or 4 steps which is even better to reduce too frequent back and forth.

  • Think upstream about arrival and departure airports, mode of transport, number of drop-off points and approximate mileage you want to cover and factor in waiting times associated with slowdowns at borders and on roads in high season.
  • Holidays are a way of decompressing, so there is no need to set yourself a very busy itinerary, with dozens of visits, decided by the hour. Improvising, letting yourself be carried away according to the advice of people you meet in the country, information gathered from local tourist offices, it’s even better than having everything stopped before leaving.

Think above all about what you like to see, do, and visit and not what you should absolutely see to do like everyone else. Try to distribute the centers of interest unless you have very specific tastes. In a country like Croatia, it is possible during a short or a long stay to see at least one or two cities, large or medium size, a traditional village, a national or natural park, discover landscapes of mountain and / or an island.