What Standards And Practices Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Making To Make Travel Safe For Their Customers

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate objective of any business that guarantees an increase in profits.  Royal Holiday Vacation Club Sanitation and Safety are at the forefront of creating new measures for their customers, making sure they have safe travels.

Customers are guaranteed vest vacation experiences as the club has a dedicated team of experts, making safety a top priority. COVID-19 pandemic is the primary cause of several precautionary measures set to ensure all clients have the best tourist destinations marked to be safe for them.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has reliable touring arrangements making it possible for their guests to travel even with the ongoing pandemic. This measure protects travelers from this killer pandemic.

Creating awareness

What makes Royal Holiday vacation club stand out is the memorable traveling experiences created by the club team. They have extensive experience in tourism; therefore monitor all customers closely, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in tourists being reluctant to travel as they are afraid to contract the virus.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club, however, has strict policies to ensure safety and thrilling traveling experiences. They have given travelers hope of having fun and exploring the world, even with the pandemic still ongoing. There is a team set to implement all these standards and measures.

This club has set in place posters guiding guests on how they should live with other travelers in this place. Guests will explore all resorts and destinations provided without any fear of contracting coronavirus.

Following CDC and WHO guidelines

Royal holiday club hotels follow all set guidelines on hygiene and cleanliness given by WHO and CDC. The management has ensured that all their team members understand these policies and are at the forefront of helping customers met all set guidelines.

There has been extensive cleaning and sanitization of standard rooms, and each room has sanitization systems to keep the rooms fresh and clean. Besides cleaning, guests are being educated on how they should reside in these hotels keeping distances and making sure they wear masks.

All rooms and properties in this club are now completely sanitized using approving agents by the CDC and WHO. Guests can now visit this place with confidence since it’s well cleaned and sanitized. Significant touchpoints such as door handle and elevator surfaces are sanitized regularly throughout the day.

Thorough Scanning and sanitization

All guests and team members visiting the Royal Holiday Vacation Club will only enter this property after their temperatures are scanned and have a mask. It’s proven that this virus can be transferred from one person to the other, thus the dire need for thorough Scanning and protection.

Also, there are several hand sanitizers set in place for the customers to continue regular hand sanitizing. People carry viruses and germs via hands after touching infected surfaces. Sanitizing their hands comes in handy, killing the virus and bacteria.

The club has invested in UV technology used in sanitizing guest luggage. When residing in these hotels, customers have peace of mind that they are safe as everyone must be scanned and all their luggage’s sanitized.  

Social distance guidance

Previously there were no social distance rules at the Royal Holiday club, but today this is the primary goal. Here are posters and team members guiding people on how they can have fun and, at the same time, keep a social distance.

In between guests, the rooms at Royal Holiday Club will remain unoccupied for two days. During this period, they will be thoroughly sanitized and cleaned. Customers can have confidence in sleeping and visiting these places in Mexico and explore the world.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has taken several measures and set standards for their customers that guarantee their safety during this pandemic. Customers are to wear masks and be scanned before getting into the hotel. All luggage, high touch pints, and rooms are also sanitized with advanced technologies.